McDonald’s can mess your order up 101 times and you still keep going back

McDonald’s can mess your order up 101 times and you still keep going back. One thing goes wrong at Church and you quit. People just arent hungry enough!

McDonald’s can mess your order up 101 times and you still keep going back

I’ve been seeing this meme going around so here is a blog post on it …

McDonald's can mess your order up 101 times and you still keep going back. One thing goes wrong at Church and you quit. People just arent hungry enough!

Spiritual Hunger: Finding Grace in Imperfection

In our fast-paced world, we often seek instant gratification and perfection in all aspects of life, including our spiritual journey. We frequent places like McDonald’s, or other fast food resting, where despite the occasional mixed-up order, we return, drawn by the promise of quick satisfaction. Yet, when it comes to our faith communities, our expectations shift dramatically.

The Paradox of Persistence

It’s a curious paradox: we forgive the imperfections of a fast-food chain 101 times, yet one misstep in a church setting can drive us away. Why the disparity? Could it be that our physical hunger is more forgiving than our spiritual hunger? Or perhaps, it’s a matter of what we truly value.

The Test of Faith

A church, unlike a restaurant, challenges us to grow, to forgive, and to love unconditionally. It’s not just a service provider; it’s a family, a body of believers striving towards a common goal. When something goes wrong, it’s not just a transactional error—it’s personal. And yet, it is in these moments of imperfection that our faith is tested and our true hunger revealed.

Hunger for Righteousness

Matthew 5:6 says, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” This hunger goes beyond the physical; it’s a deep yearning for spiritual fulfillment and alignment with God’s will. When we’re truly hungry for God, the mishaps of a church community won’t deter us. Instead, they become opportunities for grace, forgiveness, and growth.

Embracing Imperfection

The church is not a haven of perfection but a refuge for the imperfect. It’s where we come with our flaws, seeking transformation through Christ’s love. If we can extend grace to a fast-food chain, how much more should we extend it to our brothers and sisters in faith?

Cultivating Spiritual Hunger

So, how do we cultivate a hunger that withstands the trials of church life? It starts with a shift in perspective. Recognize the church as a place of spiritual nourishment, where every challenge is a chance to deepen your faith. Embrace the imperfections, not as reasons to quit, but as reminders of our need for God’s grace.


Let us be as eager to return to our church after a disappointment as we are to a fast-food line after a mix-up. For in the pursuit of spiritual hunger, we find that grace abounds, love covers a multitude of sins, and in Christ, we are eternally satisfied.

May this reflection inspire you to seek spiritual sustenance with the same persistence you show in other areas of life. Remember, it’s not the absence of problems that defines our faith community, but the presence of a forgiving, loving God who is always the ready to welcome us back.

Remember McDonald’s can mess your order up 101 times and you still keep going back showing forgiveness for them, yet you don’t for a church.

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