World Deaf Day

World Deaf Day – this is an awareness holiday for the deaf community.Plus, International Day of Sign Language (IDSL) #WorldDeafDay #DeafDay #IDSL #DayofSignLanguage #SignLanguage

This day is celebrated the last Monday of September. In 2019, that falls on September 30. World Deaf Week starts the last Sunday of September. In 2019, that falls week is September 29 to October 5. Deaf Week got started in Rome, Italy in 1958.

Maybe you can take some time to learn sign language. In the United States they use ASL (American Sign Language). I know very little, just some basics. I also know a few not to repeat repetitively because it will mean something else.

This day is to to also help with equal rights for the hearing impaired. Maybe take some time to learn some ASL to be able to communicate to a deaf person. It will brighten their day.

BSL (British Sign Language) will differ from ASL and other sign languages. So each country will have their own, just like a spoken language. The same applies to French Sign Language (LSF, or Langue des Signes Française). Which LSF is believed to be the first, even ASL has some aspects of LSF.

Also on September 23 each year is International Day of Sign Language (IDSL). This day was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly and will be celebrated annually on 23 September beginning in 2019.

My mom taught me some. When I was younger she went to college and got a certificate in deafness, she had to take ASL.

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