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Vacation Bible School

It is that time of year again … To Say Yes to VBS! It is Vacation Bible School time! The church I have been a member since around the end of 2011, start of 2012, Piedmont Baptist Church, always does their Vacation Bible School the first week in June each year. The VBS Director told me that Piedmont has done that for over 30 years like that, that is about how long they have been the VBS director too.

Vacation Bible School

I remember Vacation Bible School as a young kid and youth growing up at Alice Bell Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN. Because I was young, I don’t remember too much other than going. I do remember we always did a small parade around the church to the community would know we had VBS.

I heart VBS - Vacation Bible School

Since I got back active in church in late 2011, early 2012, I decided to share my experience with Vacation Bible School. These are the themes that most Baptist Church use that is done by Lifeway. The below list are from the church I am with now, Piedmont Baptist Church.


I went to the adult VBS class. This year was the Amazing Wonders Aviation theme. We got to learn about the Word of God and it used an aviation and airplanes as the theme. #AmazingWondersAviation


I got to help with the youth class. This theme was the Colossal Coaster World. We got to learn about the Word of God and it used theme parks and roller coasters as it’s theme. #ColossalCoasterWorld


I got to help again with the youth class. This theme was Agency D3. We got to learn about the Word of God. I think this was a fun one as we got to Discover, Decide and Defend. It was a form of an apologetic type VBS. They used the theme like a detective. #AgencyD3


I got to help again with the youth class. This theme was Journey off the Map. Theme we got to go and learn about the Word of God and getting to go on a journey off the map to know our Guide, Jesus Christ. #JourneyofftheMap

In 2016

I got to help yet again with the youth class. This years theme is Submerged. Theme is an under water type of theme where we will learn about the Word of God and see what is beneath the surface by submerging in the Word of God. #Submerged


Galactic Starveyors, discover the God of the Universe. Outer space type theme. The one seems to go from microscopes from Agency D3 to using our telescopes for this VBS in 2017. I got to work with the youth. #GalacticStarveyors

This year, 2018

Is a sports theme called Game On! I will get to work with the youth again this year. #GameOn

Next year, 2019

The 2019 VBS was announced and will be In The Wild (Amazing Encounters with Jesus) based on John 20:31. #InTheWild

You know each year the music they have for rally is very nice and upbeat. It is very catchy too. I always look forward to what they will have each year. It is always fun to try to do the interpretive type dance moves with the songs. I would love to have the songs they use on my play list at home. Just saying!

Say Yes To VBS! 

So let’s say Yes to VBS as the song by Jeff Slaughter goes …

Gonna say yeh-yeh-yeh-yeh-yes to vuh-vuh-vuh-V-B-S1

One of the things I do remember from Vacation Bible School as a child was doing the pledges.

VBS Printable Game!

Hidden Books of the Bible games. These games are great for the youth and would be fun to do at VBS or any youth Bible study.

Also if you work with the youth you might want to check out getting Life Books. Yes schools out right now but it’s a great time to talk to them about sharing their faith and giving them some.

Check out this comic, How to spot a VBS Volunteer.

Crafts & Other Stuff

This is an awesome craft to make, power band witnessing bracket.

After VBS Printable

Check out this poem someone wrote called Twas the Day After Bible School.

So what is your experience with Vacation Bible School (VBS)?

Please leave your comments below.

#VBS #VacationBibleSchool Forgot when I first published this, but this blog post has been updated Regularly. Last updated June 4, 2018.
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