3 Hidden Books of the Bible Games Free Printables

3 Hidden Books of the Bible Games Free Printables – There are three printables great for your youth group, Vacation Bible School and small groups, etc. Try to find the hidden Bible Books of the Bible in a paragraph or two of words. #HiddenBooks #HiddenBooksBible #HiddenBooksoftheBible #FreePrintables

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3 Hidden Books of the Bible Games Free Printables

Jerry, one of the youth leaders at Piedmont, gave a sheet of paper and a challenge to the youth to find the Hidden Bible Book Names in a paragraph. I thought that was neat, so I decided to look it up to find it online. There are three of these games, I found. I am sharing those three with you. Don’t cheat! That is why I have the spoiler click boxes so the answers aren’t shown. This would make a great youth, Bible Study, Vacation Bible School (VBS) or any church activity. This would be great for a Home School assignment too.

If you know of any more, please let me know and I will them to the list. I broke this blog post into sections (games).

Finally, I have now included a free pdf download for each game listed. Feel free to download and use!

Now let’s see if you know your Books of the Bible with these Hidden Bible Book Names Challenges.

Click for Game 1

Introduction | Game 1 | Game 2 | Game 3

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