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Adult VBS – I think more churches need to offer an adult class for Vacation Bible School (VBS). A church I was a member at, Piedmont Baptist, offers an adult class each year. They may have a small number in that class but the adults need fed too. If you’re a church or church member I encourage you to talk to your church about offering an adult VBS class. Also if your adult and your church offers adult VBS class, I encourage you to go. Just some food for thought.

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Lifeway offers adult curriculum with their VBS material. If you write your own curriculum, then also have one written for adult class.I am sure other Christian book stores have adult themed VBS or Adult curriculum with the theme you are doing. Check it out!

Vacation Bible School isn’t just for kids or younger kids. I know some churches do only elementary school kids. But I think youth and adults should have classes too! Yes, I know sometimes resources of help can limit that, but I encourage you to find a VBS that has it and go to that class or help volunteer for it.

The adults don’t have to do all the things the kids do. They can go straight to class. That is what our adults do at least. I think the adults like the snacks just as well as the kids. My church serves a snack for the adults in the adult class.

Does your church offer Adult Vacation Bible School classes?

If so feel free to share about your experiences.

First published July 22, 2014. Last updated or republished May 14, 2019.

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