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Mom Goggles | Skit Guys – Just think if dads could have special Goggles to see like mom’s do. The way that God gave them to see things. #MomGoggles #SkitGuys

Mom Goggles

Mom Goggles a skit video by Skit Guys. Just think if dads could have special Goggles to see like mom’s do. The way that God gave them to see things. This video is 6:04 in length.

God gave mom’s a special way of looking at things.

I hope all mom’s out there have a great Mother’s Day.

What it was that simple for a dad to put on special goggles and be able to see what moms see. Maybe dads will see the side of being a mom and all that they go through. Good job Skit Guys on this skit.

I think this film came out in 2014. That is the date on the YouTube video.

From SkitGuys website about the first film.

Sometimes we wonder how moms do it. From dirty diapers, to cheering on the next Rembrandt…they seem to just see things differently. Our moms see us differently. Watch as two dads get a glimpse at the way moms view the world…and then realize that it goes way beyond what they see. Perfect for Mother’s Day.

Mom Goggles 2

In the sequel to one of the Skit Guys’ most popular mini movies, two dads are left in charge of their kids for a weekend. Faced with teen angst and other new challenges, they quickly see a need to use Mom Goggles in order to survive. Once again, these dads are reminded why moms are so amazing.

Mom Googles 2

You must watch the sequential from the Ski Guy’s website. Currently is not on YouTube.

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