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Trick or Treat Fail Video

Trick or Treat Fail a video by Living Waters of the Way of the Master.

Trick or Treat Fail Video

This video shows off a cool Gospel Tract, the curved illusion tract. Which one is bigger orange or black? I would love to have some of those tracts. Currently they are $10 for a set of 50. If you order 10 or more sets you can get them for $8 a set.

Halloween is a great time to hand out gospel tracts or even Gospel of Johns to those coming to your house trick or treating or even at a church Trunk or Treats. Check out these Halloween Alternatives.

I hand out both Gospel of John’s and Gospel Tracts as well as something else. I have here lately bought bracelet instead of handing out candy. Candy is not that good for children for one. And another reason, increasing food allergies, being careful what candy you give out. So I get Christian Bracelets from Oriental Trading and hand out a Gospel of John with it. Plus, the church information at our truck or treats at the church. Check out the Teal Pumpkin Project for more about handing out non-allergen foods.

We can take advantage of this dark holiday and bring some light, the light of Christ in it by planting seeds.

I think these illusion tracts would work great. You can impress the kids and they would also have a gospel message on the other side. Each set of 50 contains a total of 100 cards, but you need an orange and a black card for the tick. Two different colors! They do also sell a red and blue set too. After you impress the kids with the trick, you give them the cards so they can impress their friends too!

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First published October 31, 2014. Republishing October 26, 2015 and October 30, 2016 with addition & revision

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