Trick or Treat Fail Video & Curved Illusion Gospel Tract

Trick or Treat Fail Video by Living Waters of the Way of the Master. Did the get they treat or did they get tricked (Epic Fail?) Maybe they got both? Find out! In this video you see the cool curved illusion gospel tract that is great for handing out at Trunk or Treats or anytime!

Trick or Treat Fail Video

Watch at these two trick-or-treaters get the Halloween fright of a lifetime. This video includes Ray Comfort like you’ve never seen him before, as well as Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, and Mark Spence. In this video you see a cool Gospel Tract, the curved illusion tract. Which one is bigger orange or black?  Currently they are $10 for a set of 50. If you order 10 or more sets you can get them for $8 a set. Three years later, 2017, I ordered me some for Trunk or Treats and to hand out to people. I really like these gospel tracts a lot. Check out Living Waters version, Shown below – Which one is bigger?

Trick or Treat Fail Video & Curved Illusion Gospel Tract

Gospel of John’s and Gospel Tracts together

I hand out both Gospel of John’s and Gospel Tracts as well as something else.That way they can read the Gospel of John along with the gospel tract. The Gospel of John gives the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. It is considered one of the first books to read to a new Christian.

I have here lately bought bracelet instead of handing out candy. Candy is not as good for children anymore with increased food allergies. So I get Christian Bracelets and other trinkets from Oriental Trading. I hand these out in a good bag with those bracelets, trinkets, gospel of John and a gospel tract. Plus, the church information at our truck or treats at the church. Check out the Teal Pumpkin Project for more about handing out non-allergen foods.

Shine some light!

We can take advantage of this dark holiday and bring some light, the light of Christ in it by planting seeds. Actually October 31, day of Halloween, is known as National Evangelism Day. This day, just like any other day is a great time to hand out gospel tracts or even Gospel of Johns. Check out these Halloween Alternatives.

Impress the kids and let them impress their friends

I think these illusion tracts would work great. You can impress the kids and they would also have a gospel message on the other side. Each set of 50 contains a total of 100 cards, but you need an orange and a black card for the tick. Two different colors! They do also sell a red and blue set too. Check out that set! After you impress the kids with the trick, you give them the cards so they can impress their friends too! Plus, Tract Planet has a set of yellow and green curved illusion gospel tracts for cheaper than Living Waters. These gospel tracts according to both Living Waters and Track Planet say these are great for kids!

Not to mention, Living Waters has  a red striped and green striped curved illusion gospel tract for Christmas, however, these cost $14 for a set. They cost much more than the Halloween orange and black set.

Your Comment

Have you used these curved illusion gospel tracts? What was your take on using them. How about, what you think about them too. Your comments are welcome!

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