Pray for Chattanooga - Marines - DayStar Graphic
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Prayers for Fallen Marines in Chattanooga

Prayers for the fallen Marines &Naval Sailor that were gunned down in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Be Faithful in prayer! #SemperFidelis #SemperFi #USMC #Prayers #Chattanooga #USN

Christian Flag Flown Above the American Flag | Shelby Star Photo
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Christian Flag Flown Above American Flag

Churches are flying the Christian Flag above the American Flag to show the church is accountable To God before Government. #GodBeforeGovernment #ChristianFlag #AmericanFlag

Heart Wrenching Forgiveness
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Heart Wrenching Forgiveness Video

A moving forgiveness moment of a family of one of the victims from Emanuel AME Church shooting in Charleston, SC, to gunman Dylann Roof. #forgiveness #charlestonshooting

Holy Bible - Complex Picture of the Bible
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The Holy Bible the Official Book of Tennessee

The state House has passed a bill that made the official state book of Tennessee, the Bible. Thanks to Republican Jerry Sexton, former pastor from Bean Station, TN.

Melissa Bour
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Melissa Bour: Your Picture Gets Around!

Melissa Bour: Your Picture Gets Around! I saw your Oklahoma picture here in the state of Tennessee.

The Morning Show | Lindt Cafe held hostage by ISIS, hostages holding up ISIS flag
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Prayers for Lindt Cafe in Sydney from ISIS terror

Special prayers to those at Lindt Cafe in Syndey being terrorized by ISIS.

A Gideon Bible where it's often found, in a hotel nightstand.
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Bible Removal

Bibles are being removed from a hotel chain. Find out which ones and where! #Bible

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New Market Homeless Men Building a Homeless Shelter

New Market Homeless Men Building a Homeless Shelter in New Market, TN. It soon will be a place to call home for them. Still need supplies & Help finishing it.

Breaking Window Hot Car
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Breaking a car window to save a child locked in a hot car

Breaking a car window to save a child locked in a hot car is now immune from civil liability in the state of Tennessee.

Hobby Lobby Logo
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Hobby Lobby Wins Contraceptive Ruling in Supreme Court

Hobby Lobby takes a stand against ObamaCare dealing with contraceptives and birth control that can especially lead to abortion. #HobbyLobby

iPhone - Text Alerts
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Knoxville, TN area Text Alerts

Stay current on the Knoxville area and it’s weather, scores, school closings, news and Amber Alerts with these places that send text alerts to your mobile phone.

PH1735 - Put your cell phone away.
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Put your cell phone away and keep your hands on the wheel

Tips, advice and dangers texting and driving. Put your cell phone away. Distracted driving is very dangerous. #StoptheText

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Tips On Saving Fuel, Money And The Environment

Saving Fuel: While an individual motorist can’t reduce gas prices, he or she may save money by using fuel more efficiently.

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How to Get the most money out of your garage sale with these retail tricks

How to Get the most money out of your garage sale with these retail tricks – It is that time of year again, garage sales and yard sales, etc. So why not share some tips and tricks to have a successful one? #GarageSale