Melissa Bour: Your Picture Gets Around!

There is a teacher in Oklahoma who is showing her students that your picture does get around. I am placing the picture I saw on Facebook and sharing it on this blog. If you are a student of Miss Bour, I saw your picture in the state of Tennessee Online. Here is what I saw. I added my logo on the picture so you know that I saw it. Also by me adding the logo to it, also shows you that people can manipulate photos too.

I hope this makes you think before posting photos of yourself on social network and other web pages online.

I think this is a good Lesson Miss Melissa Bour who is said works at Emerson Elementary School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Miss Bour is actually from Oregon according to her bio page at her school.

I am not sure when Miss Bour wrote this letter, but I believe it is rather recent. It has said to have traveled fast after being posted and even has made numerous media attention too.

Melissa Bour
Melissa Bour

This is what Miss Bour letter reads

Dear Facebook,

I am a 6th grade teacher in Oklahoma. My 12 year old students think it is “No Big Deal” that they are posting pictures of themselves in bras or with their middle finger in the air. Please help me out by sharing this image and commenting with where you live and show these young students how quickly their images can get around. Thanks! – Miss Bour

If you are one of these students with the middle finger up, this will come back to ruin your testimony. Today images once they are on the internet, they are there for life. Same goes to you young ladies posting in bras etc. Those images also can fall into the wrong hands and then you could be seeing someone stalking you.

Also these images you are posting now as a teenager, will come back to haunt you as an adult, as you prepare to enter college or the work force. It is easy today to do online searches on people.

Think before you post!

Let’s help these kids know these spread around. Please click on the share buttons below and share to all the social networks you are on, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

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