Christian Flag Flown Above the American Flag | Shelby Star Photo

Christian Flag Flown Above American Flag

Christian Flag Flown Above the American Flag | Shelby Star Photo
Christian Flag Flown Above the American Flag | Shelby Star Photo

Proper display of the American flag is to have it as the highest flag being flown. However during the the 4th of July Holiday and thereafter many churches have switched it up. They put the American Flag under the Christian Flag. Making the Christian Flag on top.

From the sources, I have seen, this new practice got a start in North Carolina. (Next state over from where I live.)

Now churches across America are putting the Christian Flag on top of the American Flag to show that God is before the Country. Showing that God is first. What is how it should be. God is first in all aspects of our lives.

Places like the Baptist Press even called for churches to put the Christian Flag above the American Flag. Which reportedly quoted Rit Varriale, Senior Pastor of Elizabeth Baptist Church in Shelby, NC said. “Before our accountability to government is our accountability to God,”

“So from a Christian perspective, our flag etiquette is completely improper,” he said. “We should be flying the Christian flag above the American flag” as a demonstration that Christians will respect and obey the federal government up to the point that the government asks something that is inconsistent with what God has called His people to do.

Even the Shelby Star said two churches are making a statement that God before government as they fly the Christian flag over old glory. Old glory is a nick name for the American Flag.

The reason to fly the Christian flag above the American flag is to help churches know they are accountable to God first before the country. That does make since, since we don’t answer to the Country on Judgement Day, We answer God.

It is time we got the churches attention and they do what they are suppose to do what it was called to do! Reach the lost and be bold! Win souls to Christ. Build disciples. Teach the Christians the proper way to live according to God’s Standards. To follow the full teachings of the Bible. Teach them we cannot remain silent. We need to speak up!

I so agree! We do not need to remain silent. We were called to Go!

The charge is to call all churches to do the same, but more so to be bold and be the church Jesus intended us to be. Go and share the Gospel! Be Bold! Be Brave! Stand out from the world!

A Hashtag has been set up to use #GodBeforeGovernment to join the conversation and to share in on our religious freedom.

Baptist Press | Pastors Plan to Raise the Christian Flag
Shelby Star | ‘God before government:’ Two local churches to fly Christian flag above Old Glory
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