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Smunday the Day After the Super Bowl

Smunday the Day After the Super Bowl – Maybe you have heard about this one company is wanting to make the day after the Super Bowl a National Holiday. Many of you know, I share about holidays we may or may not have heard about on Courageous Christian Father. But Smunday is a brand new one!

Smunday the Day After the Super Bowl

Kraft Heinz wants to make it a national holiday. There reason is simple … most people call out the day after the Super Bowl. Maybe it is because they partied too hard or something. But with Kraft Heinz they want this to be a National Holiday called Smunday.  To give it a jump start, Kraft Heinz agreed to give all of its salaried employees the day off on February 6, 2017. That is the day after Super Bowl LI. I do notice it said salaried and no mention of their hourly employees. (Of course, nothing more happened in 2018 or 2019.)

Smunday Heinz Day Off

16 million people call in sick the day after the big game which cost the country about $1 billion in productivity loss. Those that do show up are at work cranky because the company is short staffed. Kraft Heinz has Heinz Ketchup, Oscar Mayer hot dogs and Velveeta cheese as part of their product line.

The point of Smunday is to extend the Sunday’s Super Bowl fun into Monday.  For this years Super Bowl LI (2017) Kraft Heinz is not spending anything on advertising during the game either. The Atlanta Falcons facing off against the New England Patriots at this years Super Bowl LI.

I also know many people will choose between football and church when it comes to Super Bowl showing where their top priorities area.

Everyone today wants to get away with working less and being paid more. This includes having more paid holidays or even time off. But for some people it is not feasible to get special holidays off. I think it is another way for people to have an excuse to be lazy and party harder.

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If you agree then you can sign the petition at

If you don’t agree, like me then don’t sign it!

Update: No word on any more chances for this to go forward and it is now 2019!  First published February 2017. Last updated or republished February 2, 2019. 

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