football vs church

football vs church – With the Super Bowl this Sunday, I am sure one of the largest ones yet! Still many will give up church or Jesus for this game and any other sport or form of entertainment.

Football Vs Church

football vs church

The first Sunday of February marks the biggest football game around, the Super Bowl, for many people it will be a choice between football vs church. Just like August 31, 2014, for Vols football fans. The college football game was on Sunday instead of Saturday like most of the rest.

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With the Super Bowl this Sunday, many will give up church or Jesus for this game. (football vs Church) #SuperBowl #Football #Church Click To Tweet

Don’t get me wrong, I do like football, and there is nothing wrong with liking football. But my priorities are different. God is most important. Is God the top priority for you? Is God somewhere on the list or not at all? But God should be first and top priority, whatever you put before God becomes an idol. Yes, football and the Super Bowl can become an idol.

When I say church, I do mean being in a state of Worship and Fellowship of Christ. Where our heart is, therefore, we are as well. If you are into this football game that shows your heart is more into football than it is being with Christ. Your priorities are lacking.

I for one will be at church. I may be a Vol fan, but God is more important in my life than football. I was sad to see the Vols having to play a game on Sunday. Yes, this game is at night, but some churches still have night services and if your church doesn’t that is just sad as well. Since it seems a lot of churches today are only having church on Sunday morning or afternoon.

I am sure most churches canceled night services for that Vol game or the Super Bowl and some played the game at their church. But I personally believe Church is for sharing Christ not showing a football game.

If your church is playing the game instead of preaching, shame on your church for getting into the world. Your church should be preaching the gospel not sharing worldly football game. Plus, most of the commercials are not appropriate to be shown in church.

Every day we are suppose to worship God, but Sunday is meant to be the Day we take of the week to honor God and worship Him and Him alone. When we put in the football part we are dishonoring God and not keeping His day holy either. When we go to heaven it will be church 24/7.

I believe by the choice you make watching or going to the football game vs church will show you who’s more important in your life, God or football. Your priorities. Where are your priorities? Are they with God or are they with football. It don’t matter if it is just one time a year or a few times. If you choose football, shows me more people care about football than God. Remember anything you put before God is an idol, including football!

I will not support any football game that is played on a Sunday when we could be in a church, even if my favorite team played or not. I will not watch nor listen. If my church was to broadcast the game at church, I would be finding a church that will preach the Bible not football.

I do believe we as Christians should take a stand and voice our opinion in this matter that we do not want any more games on a Sunday. If there game is on Sunday that you will say boldly that you will stand with Christ!

What would you choose football or church? Be honest with yourself! Remember it is a matter of a choice,

Who will you choose to serve football or God?
I hope you choose God.

As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

First published August 2014. Last Republished February 9, 2024. #superbowl #superbowl2021 #superbowlsunday #SB55 #church #football

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5 thoughts on “football vs church

  1. What if the game is played after your church meetings? I think that would justify a time to watch it. It would be different from avoiding church. The game will be secondary. However, if time permits, I think you should still be able to watch it.

  2. I’m talking about games that will take you away from God. If it’s after church then ok but if if its after church and you miss going not good, God is first.

  3. I am surprised to hear that some churches cancelled their services because of the Superbowl!  I would be really disappointed in my church if they did that.  You are right, church needs to take a higher priority than football.

  4. CaseyJones1 This is sad and I wouldn’t like it either if my church did it. It is sad the church is trying to get into the world, by closing its doors like that. If people choose football over God that tells you their priorities and where God is in their life.

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