Red Letter Day

Red Letter Day – This is a special day that you have or you see something that will let you know that this is a red letter day.

Red Letter Day

I first heard of this term while out and about one day with Heather. She told me about it and what it means. She saw something, I want to think it was a random red balloon or something that was out of no where. After all it was over six months ago.

At times you will see the word hyphenated as Red-letter Day.

Sometimes people will see something when they are out and about. It might be a shape or a color. That shape or color may remind them that today is one of those days. Other times people will just say I had a red letter day by something that happened to them.  So a red letter day is a day filled with good things. To sum it up, it is a significant day that is pleasantly noteworthy or memorable. Generally speaking this will be a day you will not forget.

Did you know that important dates such as Holidays (Holy Days) are usually imprinted in red. It was also said you highlighted red on your calendar for festivals as well. Reminds me of the Words of Jesus, some Bibles usually have those printed in red too. That gives emphasis and importance. This is where the term is believed to be derived from.

Red Letter Day

Heather, my wife says it’s more of a day where you feel the hand of God.

So can you share with me any special days you have had that you thought were a Red Letter Day?

Your comments are welcome.

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