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In-Loves Not In-Laws

In-Loves Not In-Laws ... When you get married you get in-laws, your spouses family. But in stead of saying in-laws how about in-loves instead. #InLaws #InLoves

In-Loves Not In-Laws … When you get married you get in-laws, your spouses family. But in stead of saying in-laws how about in-loves instead.

In-Loves Not In-Laws

I never thought about that until recently. My Wife, Heather while we were dating would talk about her In-Loves. She would call them In-Loves and not In-Laws. If you are not sure what In-Laws are, they are the family of the person you married (relative by marriage). I thought the idea of calling them In-Loves was clever! Like I have gained a Father-In-Love, not a Father-In-Law. Same applies to my sister-in-love, not sister-in-law. This applies to the whole family on her side for me. Not to mention, it goes for her for my family to her.

In-Loves Not In-Laws

I saw this on a blog, Mr. Sink Slinger:

There is a distinct difference in having “in-laws” v. “in-loves”.  The term in-loves was first introduced to me a few years ago. I was told that being an in-law refers to a person’s place in your life by law’s definition. Being an in-love only happens when you forget that the individuals are not your blood relatives. This happens as a result of unconditional love, loyalty and getting to know each other.

Then there is this statement about in-loves from SAE Just Life:

I’ve decided to start writing more about what’s around me. And right now, I’ve been consumed with my in-laws. Which are not actually connected to be by law but love. So maybe they’re more my “in-loves”. The reason they are in my life is because of my love for their family member. Get it?

I like the SAE Just Life, the spouses family is not connected by law, but by love. When you truly love your spouse, their family becomes your family too. For example, Heather’s Father, is now calling me Son. I can call him … Dad. After all, love is what connects a marriage. It’s that common love for that person that makes them in-loves and not in-laws. Yes, by law they are your in-laws because of marriage, but doesn’t it sound much better to say in-loves?

Do you call your in-laws your in-loves?

While searching for other other bloggers who call their in-laws their in-loves, I couldn’t find many more. If you called them your in-loves, I want to hear from you. Feel free to comment below!

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