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My Mate

My Mate a poem written by Amber Patterson, the daughter of Steve Patterson with Courageous Christian Father.

My Mate

by Amber Patterson

Every time I close my eyes,
I think to myself,
Who is that man I see,Glistening in the sun,
And then I think,
Is that my man.
The man that is promised to me,
By God.
I don’t know,
What he may look like,
Because he is a shadow,
The shadow of my mate.
The time may be now,
Or the time may be later,
When ever the time,
If I stay true with God,
I will be ready.

This poem belongs and is copyrighted for Amber Patterson, daughter of Steve Patterson with Courageous Christian Father. Be sure to check out the other poems on Courageous Christian Father that have been either written by Steve Patterson or his daughter, Amber Patterson.

Check out another poem of Amber’s called The Coming.

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Amber Patterson

Daughter of Steve Patterson of Courageous Christian Father.

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