Sweating Blood Prayer
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Sweating Blood Prayer

Sweating Blood Prayer, an earnest prayer that Jesus prayed. When is last time you prayed like Jesus? I mean hard earnest prayer, a prayer where the blood sweat prayer. A hard deep prayer like Jesus did in the Mount of Olives before He was Crucified. He prayed so hard he sweated blood! Don’t just let Easter time remind you of this type of prayer, but let it be in your heart all the time. For this is a deep earnest burden type of prayer.

National Lighthouse Day August 7
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National Lighthouse Day

National Lighthouse Day, this blog entry talks about lighthouses, God is the light of the World. Plus, Rend Collectives song My Lighthouse in this post too. #Lighthouse #Lighthouses #LightHouseDay #NationalLightHouseDay #LighthouseDevotions

Broken, Cracked Egg
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The Broken Egg

A broken egg. Just think about it, an egg must be broken before we us it. We are just the same as an egg. We must be broken before God can use us. #BrokenEgg

Adult VBS image
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Adult VBS

Adult VBS, does your church offer it? If not they should Adults need feed with the Gospel just like children. #VBS #AdultVBS

Smiles spread Sunshine
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Smiles spreads sunshine

Smiles spread sunshine, it’s what I tell my friends. Ever notice how smiles are contagious? Fun facts about smiling. There is even a World Smile Day holiday. Plus a list of 30 types of smiles! #WorldSmileDay #Smiles #Sunshine

Three fingers pointing back at you
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Three fingers pointing back at you

Three fingers pointing back at you. When you point at someone you have more fingers pointing back at you. We need to look at our own sin before we confront others on their sin.

Preachers Away
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When Pastors Away the Mice Play

Pastors Away: You ever hear the saying when BLANK is away the mice will play. We can say BLANK = Pastor, Boss, Parent, Teacher, etc. I talk about when the pastor is away the mice will play.

Our Nose in the Bible
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Our nose in the Bible

What if we spend at much time with our nose in our phones, tablets or other technology as we do putting our nose in our Bible and actually read and study it?

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Strawberries good for the heart and may help diabetes, tips to enjoy strawberries, keeping strawberries, and 12 reasons to enjoy strawberries. #strawberries

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Is God trying to get our attention?

Is God trying to get our attention? We see all this turmoil and strife going on. Often people blame God for the disasters. But, since sin was introduced into this world from Adam and Even, things have gone wrong. Sin separates us from God.

Moses at the Red Sea
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God calls the willing not the able

God calls the willing not the able. Your qualifications don’t matter. Elegant Speech, Grammar or even Spelling. God will use those who are willing to serve, not those who are able to serve.

tattoo clipart by Clip Art Best
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Should Christians get tattoos

This blog post I talk whether or not I believe Christians should tattoos and why. #tattoos

Shipwreck image from Osterkamp on Flickr
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Hundreds Survive Shipwreck

Hundreds survive shipwreck unharmed, ship destroyed, crew went without food while they were in the strong storm and winds for 14 days.

Adam & Eve Funny Comic
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Do these leaves make me look fat? Man’s Second Big mistake.

Does this make me look fat, we all have heard this. Here is a Christian comic I find humorous. Eve asked Adam this. Maybe this was man’s second BIG mistake?

Conserve Your Battery
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Conserve Your Battery

Conserve Your Battery – I talk about conserving your battery on your phone & some food for thought how you might be able to conserve your battery spiritually.

God Profile
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If God’s Important to you, then why isn’t He in your profiles?

If God’s Important to you, then why isn’t He in your profiles? Most of all of us are Online. We have Twitter, Facebook or if we are single, dating profiles. We all say He is first, but we don’t make mention of Him in our profiles. How can others tell He is first if we don’t make mention of Him there?

Where for art thou God
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Where for art thou God

Where for art thou God – Did God leave you? Where was God when this happened?

Death Happens
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Death happens

Death happens it is part of life. Why must we die? What happens when we die? I write a blog post about death and it being a part of life.

Church Sign Generated to read Looking Up To Jesus Prevents ...
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Looking up to Jesus prevents …

Find out what looking up to Jesus will prevent.

Sin City
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Sin City

Sin City, what is it? I am not talking about Las Vegas, NV. I am talking about another type of Sin City. #SinCity