20 Coke Cola Uses

20 Coke Cola Uses – Here is an infographic from Organic Health Universe on 20 uses of Coca Cola. #CocaCola

20 Coke Cola Uses

Below is a list of 20 uses for coke cola.

  1. Clothes blood stains disappear if you rub them with coke. (I knew peroxide does that)
  2. Polishes Pennies
  3. Descales kettles
  4. Clean the toilet bowl, just our it inside and flush

  1. Removes grease stains of fabrics
  2. Put on the garage floor and clean the floor
  3. The acid in coke keeps away snails and slugs
  4. Removes rust stains off the pool by putting 2 liters inside
  5. Soak sponge in the coke or aluminum foil and remove rusty stains
  6. Clean car battery with coke
  7. For gum in the hair, dip the hair in coke
  8. Clean engines
  9. Remove paint off furniture, dip the towel in coke and rub
  10. Put coke in the kitchen, on the floor to clean grout
  11. Remove hair dye
  12. Polish chrome and aluminum
  13. Clean stains off china
  14. Clean marker stain on the carpet, first with coke and then with soap water
  15. Coke dissolves a tooth – put a tooth in a container with coke a longer while (thi is just a fun fact)
  16. Soak the pans in coke and rub nicely. All burnt marker and stains will be gone.

I am not sure if these uses work or not, but these are what this infographic states. I did notice that the word of was used and not off in the infographic. That is why my text says off and not of like in the infographic.

20 Coke Cola Uses

I have also heard if you soak a slice of bacon in coke, it dissolves too just like the tooth. It is scary to think if coke cola can do all of this. Just think what it is doing to us. But even knowing these. I still enjoy my Coke Cola.

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Image from Organic Health Universe

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Uses for other items

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. Coffee Grounds
  3. Coke
  4. Drinking Straws
  5. Duct Tape for Dad
  6. Fallen Leaves
  7. Tea Grounds (Tea Bags)
  8. Vapor Rub

Use this list at your own risk. These are just ones I found online and wanted to share. With any health treatment (medical use), ask your doctor before trying. Some soils and plants do not like this method. As with tea grounds or coffee grounds, flavored versions may not work like plain.

First published November 3, 2018. Last updated or republished May 7, 2024.

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