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Home Run Movie Review

Home Run, a faith based Christian movie. This movie is about forgiveness and also Celebrate Recovery, the recovery from child abuse and also alcoholism, as in the case of Cory. Cory is a pitcher for a big baseball team. See how is life falls apart from things in his past that haunt him. It is also about family and suffering.

The setting is in a farm type town located in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.

I got to see this movie free from a Red Box Code. I highly recommend you watch this movie. I did have a tear or two during this movie. I thought it was a very good movie. I think my second time watching it, I had more tears. Below is a good quote that was used a couple times or so in the movie.

Nothing great happens when you hold back.

This movie in uses the Serenity Prayer

Stay for the closing credits as you will see people and their cardboard testimonies. How God has changed them from their past.

You can over come your past too with God. Trust in Him totally and know that you can only reply on Him and Him alone, you cannot rely on yourself.

This is from Home Run’s Facebook page:
Major League pitcher Cory Smith has it all; an unstoppable fastball, a lucrative contract… and a past he wants to forget. But when a DUI in his old hometown benches him, Cory is forced to take a hard look at his life. Sentenced to coaching the town’s little league team and attending a local 12-step recovery program, Cory must face the pain he tried to ignore and the girl he wanted to forget. Of course, the superstar doesn’t want — or need — anyone’s help. He simply goes through the motions, manipulating the small community and the team that has begun to rely on him. But just when he thinks he can coast through his sentence and get back to the big leagues, Cory discovers a secret that shakes him to the core. Suddenly, Cory realizes he’s not the one in control… and this revelation changes his life forever.

Are we going to be a positive example or a negative example?

More information about Celebrate Recovery visit:

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