Chick-fil-A Welcome Bloggers!
Chick-fil-A Welcome Bloggers!

July 25, 2014, I got to go to a bloggers social in Morristown, TN. It was hosted by Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-A is rolling out some new product line. They let us be one of the first to try it. I cannot tell you at this time what it is, but if you follow my blog, more will come at a later date.

This was one of my first bloggers social, where I was able to meet fellow bloggers. If you have a company and offer blogger socials, let me know, I would love to be a guest.

Chick-fil-A feed us and even gave us a treat bag. In my bag was a cup, a shirt and a book. While I was there, I got to meet 2 other local bloggers. We each got to talk about our blogs and tips and such.

I got to meet Michelle, a blogger on parenting. You can visit her blog at: Mommy to 4 MJs.

I also got to meet, Sarah, a blogger on teaching. You can visit her blog at: A Rocky Top Teacher.

I added both of these blogs to my reads. Make sure you visit the to ladies blogs and show support for them.

One thing I learned was they give special treats to the Hamblen County students for good grades and perfect attendance with their report cards. Another thing is a local radio station does a birthday club for them. The way I was told, they draw a name of those having a birthday that day and then the winner gets a prize package. Check out WCRK. Plus they will announce your birthday over the air.

I have done a review once before for Chick-fil-A and also other blog post, My daughter and I dress up like cows for free food. Plus the Cow Appreciation Day blog post. These blog post, I believe helped me to be able to go to this bloggers social.

While I was at this bloggers social, I asked them some questions, so I can further add to a review.

I asked about the oil they use, they use 100% Refined Peanut Oil to cook the chicken in and Canola Oil for the waffle fries.

I also found out that they do random events every other month or so, mostly like father-daughter or mother-son type events. Events that get the family together.

Make sure you follow my blog, so you won’t miss a post and you will be one of the first to be notified about the new product line coming to Chick-fil-A.

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