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Here’s Hope Bicycle Mission

Here’s Hope Bicycle Mission

Here’s Hope Bicycle Mission is an outreach opportunity of Clear Springs Baptist Church in Corryton, TN. It is led by Joe Tortorice. Tortorice has a mission, a mission to help children have a bike. Tortorice repairs old, unwanted bikes and makes them usable again. Cleans them up too. He repairs the grease, brakes, tires and all the parts on them. He makes sure they are safe and able to be used before they give them out. Tortorice said it made him cry seeing a child’s face light up getting a bike.

Here's Hope Bicycle Mission (photo from website)

Here’s Hope Bicycle Mission (photo from website)

The Tortorice’s house, garage, etc. if full of bicycles and bicycle parts. Joe Tortorice fixes these bikes up so the children can have fun with them.  I first learned of this ministry from Facebook, who shared an article from WVLT around January 2015, on this ministry. After reading it, I felt led to share a blog post about this ministry.

Being a single parent, this can help bless a family and their child(ren) when a bicycle. All kids seem to like bicycles. I think this is a great ministry and outreach opportunity. I know first hand the effects of being a single parent raising a child on your own. The struggles etc. So if you are single mom, single parent or even a complete family that cannot afford a bicycle for your children, then look to Here’s Hope Bicycle Mission.

They need your help as well. This mission has grown by leaps and bounds according to Tortorice. They could use old bicycles, old bicycle parts, cash donations and even your time to come out and help sort, clean and fix bicycles. They can also use your help with raising awareness of their ministry.

Tortorice believes this is his calling from God, to fix up these bikes and give them to children that cannot afford them. I am asking any and everyone in or near the area, Corryton, TN, to please consider helping by any way you can. Help this ministry so they can continue to help and bless you children with a bicycle, who may not be able to afford one. They will also make arrangements to pick up any bicycle or bicycle parts too you wish to donate.

Also if you know anyone in the East Tennessee area who needs a free bike and cannot afford a bike, have them give Here’s Hope Bicycle Mission a contact. You can find for more information by visiting their Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/Hereshopebicyclemission or visit their web site at hereshopebicycles.com

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First published January 17, 2015. Republished December 7, 2015.

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  1. JosephTortorice says:

    Steve I want to thank you for posting this story to your blog. Your support means alot.

  2. JosephTortorice You are very welcome Joseph. I believe in helping promote Kingdom Work. May God Bless this ministry and many people will see Jesus through it.

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