More or Less Always Thank God Church Sign

Whether You Have More or Less Always Thank God! - Wooddale Free WIll Baptist Church - Church Sign

Always Thank God!

I saw this church sign on my way to my doctors on December 4, 2015. I took the picture on my way home. The other side has a different message. I am sharing the other side in a future blog post. This church sign is from Wooddale Free Will Baptist Church in East Knoxville (Strawberry Plains). This church sign reads …

Whether you have more or less always thank God!

This is so true! We must Thank God for everything we have and what we don’t have. God gives us what we need. He is our provider. Sometimes God does give us some of our wants, but He always gives us what we need according to His Will and purpose. So regardless of what you have or don’t have, always give God thanks.

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