Fourth of July Poem/Acronym

Fourth of July Poem/Acronym – “Fourth of July” a Christian acronym done as a poem, more like an acrostic type poem.

Fourth of July Poem

Written by Steve Patterson on June 18, 2012.

Freedom came with a price, the price of Christ blood shed on the Cross.

Our Lord and Savior saved us all from our sins.

Unrighteous we may be, but the grace us God set us free.

"Fourth of July" a Christian acronym done as a poem, more like an acrostic type poem. Click To Tweet

Rely on God, He will show our paths.

The truth is in God’s Word, the Bible, His Holy Book.

Helping one another along the way.

Obedient to what God wants us to do.

Father, Creator, God is He.

Jesus died for our sins.

United one day, we believers will be in Heaven.

Love one another as Christ loved us.

You are a special creation made from God, our Heavenly Father.

©2012 by Steve Patterson.

As the Fourth of July, Independence Day comes around and everyday at that. When you see a past military or present military person, make sure to thank them for their service. They are the ones that fight to keep our freedoms that we have here in America. This is something I personally try to do if I can, thank all the veterans I see. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have the freedoms we have. Just remember God is the one that gave us freedom. We can choose to accept Him or we can choose to reject Him. Which do you choose?

Fourth of July Acronym - Fourth of July Poem - 4th of July - Fourth of July

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Please feel free to share this poem with other people. Please make sure the proper credit is given, since I wrote this poem. Thanks.

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First published this June 19, 2012. Last Updated & Republished June 23, 2020.

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Fourth of July Poem/Acronym Printable
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Fourth of July Poem/Acronym Printable
"Fourth of July" a Christian acronym done as a poem, more like an acrostic type poem. Includes a free printable version!
Steve Patterson
Courageous Christian Father
Courageous Christian Father

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