Christmas Acronym by Steve Patterson
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Christmas acronym

A Christmas acronym, Christmas Acrostic, Christmas Poem written by Steve Patterson. Includes a free printable version! #Christmas #ChristmasAcronym #ChristmasAcrostic #ChristmasPoem

Charlie Brown Dread One Day At A Time
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Fear not!

I talk about Fear. These are my sermon notes about Fear. So Fear Not!

Fourth of July Acronym - Fourth of July Poem - 4th of July - Fourth of July
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Fourth of July Poem/Acronym

Steve Patterson wrote a Christian poem/acronym for “Fourth of July” (4th of July) – Independence Day comes & everyday we owe God the thanks for our freedom. Includes a Free downloadable and printable version! #Fourth #July #4thofJuly

Father acronym Printable (Acronym for Father Printable)
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Acronym for Father Printable

Christian acronym for the word “Father”. It is done like a free verse acrostic poem. You can even download a free version! Written by Steve Patterson. #Father #Dad #FathersDay #DadsAreAwesome #FatherAcronym

HWLF Acronym - I have been seeing this lately, wondering what it mean, I looked it up and this is what it means ...
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HWLF Acronym

HWLF Acronym – I have been seeing this lately, wondering what it mean, I looked it up and this is what it means … #HWLF

Mother Acronym
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Mother Acronym Printable

Mother Acronym – This is my acronym poem for the word Mother. Wishing all the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day! Includes a Free Printable Version! #Mother #MothersDay #Mother #MotherAcronym #MotherAcrostic

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Christian Acronyms for TGIF

Acronyms for TGIF – We usually know TGIF as Thank God It’s Friday. But I am going to share a few other TGIF Acronyms. #TGIF

National D.A.R.E. Day #DARE
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National D.A.R.E. Day

National D.A.R.E. Day – An awareness day to help raise awareness of the education available to students about Drugs, Abuse, Resistance and Education. #DARE

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Cross Acronym

this blog post shows the acronym for the word Cross. #Cross #Easter

5 Acronyms for Fear #Fear
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5 Acronyms for Fear

5 Acronyms for Fear. F E A R Taking one letter of each word to spell out something for that word. Plus memes for those Fear Acronyms. #fear #acronym #fearacronym

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Recognize the signs of hypothermia

Recognize the signs of hypothermia – The arrival of cold weather provides opportunities to romp in the snow, ski the slopes or enjoy an afternoon ice skating on a frozen pond. But spending time outdoors in the cold or even in an indoor space that is not adequately warmed can result in a serious health condition known as hypothermia. #hypothermia

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Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking – Here is a photo of a dry erase board that I figured I would share with my readers. Failure, End and No acronyms.

Bread Acronym
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Bread Acronym

Bread Acronym – This is a Christian acronym for the word bread. Plus a free printable version.

Before you speak ... THINK!
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Before you speak … THINK Acronym

Think before you speak. Here is an acronym to help you think before you speak for the work think. #think The tongue is powerful!

Good Night Acronym Printable #GoodNight
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Good Night Acronym

Good Night Acronym – I was looking for some night-time acronyms or acrostics and figured I would write one of my own. I also make it into a free printable too. #GoodNight

Ask Acronym - Ask, Seek, Knock
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Ask Acronym – Ask, Seek, Knock

Ask acronym. Making an acronym for three different ways we can talk to God. Ask, Seek, Knock. Plus, I got over each one of these words using Matthew 7.

Frog Image
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Frog Acronym

Christian Acronym for the word Frog. So when you see a frog form now on, may it remind you of this Frog Acronym. #FrogAcronym

Relationships Acronym
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Relationships Acronym

Relationships Acronym. This is an acrostic acronym for the word relationships. It is a Christian one too.

TULIP Acronym for the 5 Points Reformed Theology (Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, Perseverance of the Saints) #TULIP
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TULIP Acronym 5 Points of Reformed Theology

TULIP Acronym 5 Points of Reformed Theology – These are the doctrines of grace. Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace and Perseverance of the Saints. #TULIP #ReformedTheology #DoctrinesofGrace

Fighter Acronym - Faith In God Has Tremendously Exciting Results
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Fighter acronym

Fighter acronym – This is a Christian acronym for the word Fighter. Plus I talk about this Christian acronym too. #Fighter

2.4 Earthquake hits near New Market, TN
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2.4 magnitude earthquake hit East Tennessee (New Market)

A 2.4 magnitude earthquake hit East Tennessee – This minor earthquake was said to his 4 km Southwest New Market, TN. Bible verses on earthquakes too. #Earthquake #NewMarket

Praying Hands - Missionaries
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SIGCO Pray 2016

The Stand in the Gap Coalition – SIGCO Pray 2016 – Does that mean God is not hearing or answering the prayers of his followers? We learn in God’s Word that He does not always deliver his people (who are obedient) out of bad situations.

Annual Report for 2015
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Annual Report: 2015

2015 Annual Report for Courageous Christian Father. Find out all the stats from 2015. How many blog post published, top 10 blog post, longest streak, top referring sites, posting patterns and much more.

War Room / Prayer Wall
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War Room / Prayer Wall

I blog about having a War Room, Prayer Room, Prayer Wall or Prayer Journal. We can do our fighting in prayer, a communication with God, give Him all our cares and worries. #WarRoom #PrayerRoom #PrayerWall #PrayerJournal

Prevenient Grace
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Prevenient Grace

What is Prevenient Grace? This blog entry discusses Prevenient Grace. I also share an acronym for the word Grace. #PrevenientGrace

Gospel Acronym (Peculiar Paper)
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Gospel Acronym

Check out these three acronym for the word Gospel. #Gospel

Glow: God Lights Our World
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Glow Acronym

Glow Acronym I share a Christian acronym for the word “glow”. I saw this while at the LifeWay store and wanted to share with my readers. #Grow

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Talking to your GPS

I talk about talking to God (pray without ceasing). I talk about we talk to our GPS’s. why not talk to God too? I also share a video from Michael Jr., a Christian comedian, who shares how God is like a GPS system. Plus a link to my post on the acronym for GPS.

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GPS Acronym

GPS Acronym – We know that it means Global Positioning Satellite, but this blog post shares what the Christian acronym for GPS stands for.

CEO Christians
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Church Sign for CEO Christians

Check out what this church sign says about Easter being over with and what they say about seeing you again. #churchsign

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YOLO acronym

Do you know what the Yolo means? It is an acronym. Have you heard of it? #Yolo

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Faith acronym

the acronym for “Faith” #faith #acronym

Swag acronym
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Swag Acronym

Swag Acronym – A Christian Acronym for the word Swag. #swag We always hear people say I got swag so what does it really mean?

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Grace Acronym

Grace Acronym – What does Grace stand for as an acronym? Find out in this blog entry. This is a Christian acronym too. #Grace

ASAP Christian Acronym
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ASAP Christian Acronym

ASAP Christian Acronym – We all heard of ASAP. As Soon As Possible. I want to share with you a Christian acronym for “ASAP”. This deals with prayer too.

Grow Acronym
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Grow Acronym

This is the Christian acronym for the word Grow. I even talk about the Grow Acronym and what grow says and means. #GrowAcronym

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Gift Acronym

I share with you a Gift Acronym

Dog Clipat
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Dog Acronym

A Christian acronym for the word Dog. (Dog Acronym)

Walk To Emmaus logo
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Emmaus Poem

A poem/acronym for “Emmaus” that Steve Patterson wrote. ©1998 by Steve Patterson. This was written just after my Walk to Emmaus.

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Acronym for Push

A Christian acronym for the word Push. It deals with praying. We are told to pray without ceasing. Check out the Acronym for Push.