Fitbitaversary: Fitbit Tracking 4 Years

Fitbitaversary a term I use to make the anniversary of using fitbit. I started out in 2012 with the Fitbit Ultra. I was a security officer then and knew I walked a lot and wanted to know how much I did. I was actually walking 10-15 miles per day, because it was a walking beat post that I had. Plus several buildings with several flights of stairs. Now that I have a desk job, it is hard to get 3 miles in. So on my days off and it is nice outside, I will try to go for a 3-6 mile walk.

I give God the credit for blessing me with the ability to walk. If we can walk, we should be doing His work as we walk too. We are called to do His will. No matter what we are doing, this includes walking.


Fitbit Blaze (Fitbitaversary)
                       The Fitbit Blaze

The Fitbit Ultra was the first fitness tracker made by Fitbit and also my first fitness tracker. It was what gave my Fitbitaversary a start.I enjoyed seeing my steps and miles I walked when I did security work.

They now have a bunch to choose from. The Fitbit Ultra is discontinued. I later got the Fitbit One around my second Fitbitaversary.

I had it until I got the Fitbit Surge around my third Fitbitaversary. I then gave the Fitbit One to my daughter.

I now have the new Fitbit Blaze, I got it the day before my 4th Fitbitaversary, February 25, so what a great way to celebrate 4 years! I gave my Fitbit Surge to my daughter. We gave the fitbit one to a youth in the church who likes to walk. I even have the Fitbit Aria scales, I have had them for one year now.

I want to share with you my fitbit stats and my fitbit badges for my fourth Fitbitaversary.Below is what I have earned while using a fitbit tracking device since February 26, 2012 to February 26, 2016, 4 years worth at the time of this posting. Plus, I also share other fitbit related blog post on Courageous Christian Father. These stats and badges are as of the time of this posting on February 26, 2016.

I’m sure the stats are higher because like most Fitbitters sometimes some say they have been Fitbitten. (These are people who use Fitbit trackers) Sometimes we have left our tracker at home or else where, we have temporary lost it and/or the trackers battery died at some point. Not to mention the times we must put it up to charge it.

Something new I just found out recently, this only works with iPhone 5S and up. But, you can use mobile tracking if you don’t have your fitbit with you. Just add it as a device. Since fitbit allows multiple trackers, it will use it. It will auto detect which tracking device you are using. So make sure if you use mobile tracking, to keep your phone on you!

You can even make and add friends on fitbit, do challenges and earn trophies for completing challenges. You can even earn badges. I have the badges I earned below.

Lifetime Fitbit Stats

For my Fitbitaversary I wanted to share my lifetime fitbit stats, These are the fitbit stats at the time of this posting, I have, this is 4 years worth of tracking (January 26, 2012 to January 26, 2016)  …

  • 8,266,954 steps
  • 66294 floors
  • 3,832.95 miles
  • 3,936,155 calories

Best Day Fitbit Stats

I also wanted to share on my Fitbitaversary my best day with fitbit stats. Below is when I got the best steps, floors and miles in and the day that I attained that.

  • 32,452 steps on January 30, 2016.
  • 364 floors on June 14, 2014.
  • 17.41 miles on January 30, 2016.

Daily Steps Badges earned with fitbit

  • Hiking Boot (1 Time, Last Time January 30, 2016) – 35,000 Steps In One Day
  • Trail Shoes (5 Times, last time January 30, 2016) – 30,000 Steps In One Day
  • Classics (17 Times, last time January 30, 2016) – 25,000 Steps In One Day
  • High Tops (35 Times, last time January 30, 2016) – 20,000 Steps In One Day
  • Urban Boot (69 Times, last time February 19, 2016) – 15,000 Steps In One Day
  • Sneakers (128 Times, last time February 20, 2016) – 10,000 Steps In One Day
  • Boat Shoe (631 Times, last time February 25, 2016) – 5,000 Steps In one Day

Daily Climb Badges earned with fitbit

  • Waterfall (6 Times, last time October 4, 2014) – 300 Floors In A Day
  • Castle (28 Times, last time October 4, 2014) – 200 Floors In A Day
  • Bridge (46 Times, last time October 4, 2014) – 175 Floors In A Day
  • Stadium (128 Times, last time October 4, 2014) – 150 Floors In A Day
  • Rollercoaster R(128 Times, last time November 1, 2014) – 125 Floors In A Day
  • Skyscraper (222 Times, last time November 28, 2014) – 100 Floors In A Day
  • Farris Wheel (372 Times, last time January 30, 2016) – 75 Floors In A Day
  • Lighthouse (534 Times, last time February 19, 2016) – 50 Floors In A Day
  • Redwood Forest (693 Times, last time February 20, 2016) – 25 Floors In A Day
  • Happy Hill (884 Times, last time February 24, 2016) – 10 Floors In A Day

Lifetime Distance Badges earned with fitbit

  • Sahara (1 Time, last time May 16, 2015) – 2,983 Lifetime miles
  • Monarch Migration (1 Time, last time November 12, 2014) – 2,500 Lifetime miles
  • India (1 Time, last time March 30, 2014) – 1,997 lifetime miles
  • Japan (1 Time, last time January 19, 2014) – 1,869 lifetime miles
  • Great Barrier Reef (1 Time, last time September 7, 2013) – 1,600 lifetime miles
  • New Zealand (1 Time, last time November 3, 2012) – 990 lifetime miles
  • Italy (1 Time, last time July 25, 2012) – 736 lifetime miles
  • Serengeti (1 Time, last time May 20, 2012) – 500 lifetime miles
  • London Underground (1 Time, last time April 6, 2012) – 250 lifetime miles
  • Penguin March (1 Time, last time March 15, 2012) – 70 lifetime miles
  • Marathon (1 Time, last time March 7, 2012) – 26 lifetime miles

Lifetime Climb Badges earned with fitbit

  • Satellite (1 Time, last time on November 21, 2013) 35,000 lifetime floors
  • Astronaut (1 Time, last time on September 17, 2013) 28,000 lifetime floors
  • Shooting Star (1 Time, last time on June 21, 2013) 20,000 lifetime floors
  • Spaceship (1 Time, last time on April 10, 2013) 14,000 lifetime floors
  • Cloud (1 Time, last time on February 10, 2013) 8,000 lifetime floors
  • 747 (1 Time, last time on December 14, 2012) 4,000 lifetime floors
  • Hot Air Balloon (1 Time, last time on June 18, 2012) 2,000 lifetime floors
  • Skydiver (1 Time, last time on April 13, 2012) 1,000 lifetime floors
  • Helicopter (1 Time, last time on March 24, 2012) 500 lifetime floors

FitForGood Badges earned with fitbit

  • Do-Gooder (1 Time, last time November 14, 2015) 25,000 Steps
  • FitForGood (1 Time, Last time November 10, 2015) Participation

Fitbit Blog Post

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When is your Fitbitaversary?

Make sure you follow this blog, as I will update about fitbit stuff here and there. Plus, I am going to post about the fitbit blaze as well soon.

Around this time next year, I will give you an update with my 5th year Fitbitaversary.


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