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After around 2 1/2 years of having a fitbit, I had one of the originals, the fitbit ultra. I even had to have a free replacement of the Ultra at one point of time. This time, since the ultra was discontinued, they gave me a discount on the newer model the fitbit one. I like the one a lot better. It even has a silent alarm, since it can also track your sleep. It has a more sleek look too.

I remember doing Security a year or two ago, I would walk 16 miles per day. Now that I am back to a desk job, it seems I walk 2 miles a day. I still love to see how many miles I walk per day. Main reason I have a fitbit. The other one is this device is Mac compatible. I am a Mac Guru, most of you know. I believe I have had the fitbit one for a couple of months now. My second ultra started to crack some, showing wear and tear, but fitbit had a lifetime warranty on it I believe or it was a limited time warranty, but still under warranty.

It was fun to track how many miles walked during Xtreme Winter. This last one I went to, it was 7 miles per day with all the walking to and from the venue, places to eat etc. Maybe you can track how many steps or miles you witness?

fitbit has many product lines, even ones like watches. Ones that can track your heart rate and even GPS in newest one. Most all fitbits will track your steps, mileage, number of stairs climbed, sleep, etc. I highly recommend fitbit. I am not getting any kind of kick back from this blog post. I am doing this blog post so you will be aware of this product and possible use it for yourself.

fitbit also has scales that will automatically input your weight too. It will know which person steps on the scales too. It is done via the wi-fi. I plan to one day invest in these scales. I think they are neat. But, if you don’t want to fork out the cost of them. You can buy a cheap pair at a store and manually input your weight.

fitbit can track your glucose and BP (Blood Pressure) levels. You can track what you eat and calories burned and taken in too with fitbit.

I encourage you to walk, walking is good for you. Besides walking is the best way to tells others about Christ as you are walking.

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