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Earn with Walgreens Balance Rewards

Earn with Walgreens Balance Rewards

Do you shop or get your prescriptions at Walgreens? Do you enjoy walking and use a fitbit? Then you can earn points that can lead to earning cash back. I have already earned $10 and used it. I am saving my points to go for $20. (I can cash out for another $10’s, but I am saving up, I may save up for the $50 mark).

I think what helps me a lot is the fact I have my fitbit linked to my Walgreens Balance Rewards card and I usually several prescriptions filled between my daughter and I.
Walgreens Balance Rewards

Ways to Earn points with Walgreens Balance Rewards

So people may not know there are more ways to earn point other than just shopping and prescription refills. Below is a list of more that can help you earn points.

  • Shop at Walgreens
  • Buy Special Bonus Items
  • Walking, Running or Cycling using a fitbit or other activity tracker that is synced to your account. (20 points per mile plus extra points at times fir walks)
  • Weigh-In (20 Points)
  • Blood Pressure Test (20 Points)
  • Blood Glucose Test (20 Points)
  • Earn points for other healthy choices
  • You get points for every prescription you fill as well. (100 points)
  • Immunizations (100 Points)
  • Plus more and some come and go.

These points can add up fast, especially if you walk a lot or have a lot of prescriptions to fill. Plus, I am sure there are restrictions that can apply while earning the points. But it is very simple, set up, walk, shop and refill at Walgreens and use your Walgreens Balance Rewards Card.

Point Values

These are the point values I saw on their web site and are as the time of posting. I am sure the points are subject to change without notice.

You can save up the points to get a bigger reward!

  • 5,000 = $5
  • 10,000 = $10
  • 18,000 = $20
  • 30,000 = $35
  • 40,000 = $50

So try to walk a lot! The more you walk the more points you can get and the more points you get the more cash back you can get. (The cash value can only be used at the store for that amount or greater).

You can even link special coupons to your card to help you save even more money when you shop at Walgreens.

Sign up today!

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