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fitbit Surge
fitbit Surge

I ordered the fitbit surge and the fitbit Aria at the same time. I got the scales, but not the tracker. I inquired about it, they told me I only ordered the scales. So I had to go through and replace an order for the fitbit surge. It still showed a long back order wait. Doing research I could get it site to store at Wal-Mart the next day. I was wondering about that, after 3 weeks of waiting for the surge, they told me it is still on a 6-8 week back order. I said I have already been waiting so long. So I asked about ordering from Wal-Mart, they said if I can get it next day to go ahead it was perfectly fine with them and the order will still will have the 1 year factory warranty with fitbit. If there are any issues to contact fitbit.

Fitbit Surge

I ordered mine at 9 p.m. and I had it by 10:15 a.m. the next day at a local Wal-Mart. So no more waiting or wondering when I will get it! If I knew this several weeks ago, I would have already had mine a while back. So I want to pass that info onto you. You may want to try to order yours that way if you have been waiting for one. I gave my fitbit one that I had for a short few months to my 16 year old daughter, hoping to encourage her to walk more. I even set her up as one of the users on the fitbit Aria scales. So you can say we are not a fitbit family. So when we hand out tracks and and anything else we can keep track of our steps.

I did have the fitbit Ultra prior to the One. It still worked, just a little chipped but still works great. I gave that one to a friend that said they wanted to start walking more. I hope that it encourages them to start walking more.

So far I like the fitbit Surge. I can know if I get a phone call or a text. I can control my music on my iPhone, plus it will automatically monitor my sleep. It will also keep track of my steps, my distances, my heart rate and much more. If you are looking for a fitness tracking device, I would look no further than fitbit. I am not getting any money or traders, etc. by blogging on fitbit or any fitbit devices, I just highly recommend you use them.

Feel free to add me as your friend on fitbit. Also check out this blog post, Get fit and walking with fitbit.

What fitbit tracker or device do you have? What do you think about it?

Added February 21, 2015. I have had the fitbit Surge for awhile now. I have noticed that it sometimes seems to not track some steps, but will others. I have noticed that the text notices, when I look, it will show one name but the message by from someone else until I hit a button then it shows who the message is from. Other than that it is great. It works great to play your music on your iPhone. Only draw back, it doesn’t have a previous song tab, it has next song tab and pause, but not previous song tab.

Added April 2, 2015. The fitbit Surget is a bit bulky, but after wearing it awhile I didn’t even notice it. Now long sleeve shirts and coats you notice it. I love the GPS tracking, but sometimes it adds a tail to it it once it is posted on fitbit. Mine doesn’t seem to keep a good charge even without using the GPS, usually several days, fitbit says 5 days. Mine is usually every 2-3 days. If I do use the GPS it is less often. A lot of people have got a rash from the wearables including the fitbit Surge. I got a small but but it went right away. I do notice a tingle every once in a while. I never take a shower with mine on. If I remember I try to charge it while I am in the shower. I recommend buying a spare charging cord, which I plan to do and keep it in your car. That way you can charge it while you are driving. I also have a battery charger pack. You can take that with you on the long walks or hikes and when you get to a middle stop, you can still charge.

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