How to get fit by walking with a fitbit activity tracker device

Get fit and walking with fitbit

"I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” 
Philippians 4:13

 Walking is very good for you and has many benefits. I encourage you to get up and start walking. Maybe track your walking with a fitness tracker such as fitbit.

About fitbit

I recently discovered and purchased the fitbit Ultra Tracker. It is a high-tech pedometer. It can track more than just the steps you take. It can track floors you climbed. It can track your calories you have burned and even track your sleep pattern. How long you slept, when you fell asleep and how many times you woke up during the night. You can track activities with it too. Best of all it will upload your steps to your fitbit account wirelessly as long as you are within 15 ft of your fitbit dock connected to a computer with internet. You can keep track of your activities, food, weight, BP, Glucose, Heart Rate and so much more. It comes in two color choices: blue and plum. I choose blue of course.

Reason fitbit

My main reason for this choice is because it was support on Mac computer. I am a Mac Guru and own a Mac. So that was big for me. It supports Mac 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7 currently. It also supports Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Steve's fitbit ultra - Walking with fitbit
Steve’s fitbit

How much walking daily?

It is recommended you walk 10,000 steps which is about 5 miles a day. I bet you will be very surprised how many steps you do take or don’t take in a given day.

What I did to keep mine close to me

I even made a leash for my fitbit so it if falls off it won’t hit the ground and less likely to lose it and such while wearing it. I was afraid of losing mine or dropping mine and not even know it. So I made this leash from this lanyard I found in a drawer at my home. I have seen so people misplacing theirs and such on the fitbit Friends Facebook Group. Below is my leash on my fitbit.


Steve's fitbit on a leash
Steve’s fitbit on a leash

More about fitbit

Another neat feature is the greeting messages it says. I even seen one said Bon Jour Steve. There are a number of messages it says often when you pick up your fitbit. You can also watch your flower grow the more active you are. I also like this feature too. It is based on a plug-in on the fitbit site. I set it up to text me when the battery gets low. It seems you can go a few days or more before you have to charge it.

The design of this fitbit

Another thing the fitbit is small and a very cool looking design and concept. It is only 2.125 inches tall, 0.75 inches wide, 0.5625 inches thick and weights only 0.4 Oz. That is about 0.025 lbs. or 11.34 grams according to fitbit’s Website. I like the design. I believe it is trendy. It is small enough to carry. It isn’t bulky and often not obvious that it is a pedometer. It can fit most anywhere. You can wear it on your belt (comes with a belt holster for you), your hip, your pocket and ladies can even wear it attached to your bra if you wish. Because it is so tiny and light weight it can be discreet about having it on you.

 fitbit’s video

Below is a video that is found on fitbit’s website. Enjoy!

Measuring stride

Side note on figuring stride. A fellow Facebook member of the fitbit Friends Facebook Group said:

63,360 * Miles / Steps = Stride in Inches dived by 12

So this is my math:

63,360 * 1.06 / 2,402
2.33 feet

The fitbit Web site gives  a different method to determine your stride. If you don’t input your stride, fitbit will use a formula based on your entered height and gender.

I am hooked!

I have only had my fitbit a few days and I am very hooked on it.  That is why I made this post because I enjoy my fitbit and I believe you would enjoy it as well. This is not an advertorial, just my review and my thoughts on the fitbit. The fitbit site link is a referal link code to give me credit for it. I believe we need to get back in shape and a start is with exercising and walking. Let’s be an example to our kids Father’s or even Mother’s and show them we care by walking and getting in shape. If they see us sitting down all the time doing nothing they are going to do the same.

Friends Motivate

Having common friends using fitbit can help motivate you to do more. Help you go above and beyond. The fitbit can share your stats with Facebook, Twitter,, and Foursquare and others. You can join Communities inside of fitbit or even an active group on Facebook: fitbit Friends. You can keep what stats you want private and what stats you want to share as well. So go out and find some friends and get fit with fitbit.

Friend me on fitbit!

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More about fitbit.

You can learn more about fitbit by visiting their Web site:

What do you think about the fitbit?

Do you use fitbit? Share with me your thoughts and what you like best about it. You can comment via Facebook, Twitter, Open ID, WordPress, Intense Debate and Guest. Please note, that comments are moderated. They must be approved before being shown on the blog entry.

I Highly Recommend the fitbit! which is on my photos above, is from my old domain name. Since this first published, I still use fitbit, not this fitbit ultra, but I do have a more current model.

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  1. They make various fitbits as well, including the newer model to the one I have, called fitibit One. (it includes a vibrating alarm, new design and also syncing via Bluetooth 4.0)

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