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Battle scar on my fitbit Ultra. It took a battle with a washer and dryer and still works!

I went to the laundry mat today. I get there and I was gonna go for a walk for a bit while the clothes were washing. I look in my pocket of my shorts and my fitbit wasn’t there. I figured, I left it at home on the dock station to charge. Well, when I washed my clothes and then dried them, as I was pulling them out of the dryer, my fitbit came out. I was like oh no! I have had this fitbit Ultra since March 2012 (7 Months now). See my post Get Fit and Walking With Fitbit.

Battle scar on my fitbit Ultra. It took a battle with a washer and dryer and still works!

Battle scar on my fitbit Ultra. It took a battle with a washer and dryer and still works!

Well, I press the button and it light up! It still seems to work, right now at least. I guess I will need to give it some time. It does have a chipped edge on it, but it still works. I was looking into the fitbit One, the newer version of my fitbit Ultra. Well if my fitbit Utlra survived  that, makes me just wanna stay with this one for awhile. I guess this Ultra was a workhorse. But, who knows maybe the fitbit One, would do the same results? Yes, I still would like the fitbit One. That may come at a later date. (I could give this fitbit to my daughter, perhaps, she has hinted she wanted one, but I don’t seem to get her to walk much, but maybe with her having one she will be encouraged to walk more.)

That chip on the side is a little rough and sharp. Just hope I don’t cut myself, but I am glad this works.

I know this isn’t about Christianity, but our bodies are the temple of God and even trying to keep our bodies healthy is good for us. This is a good way to keep you motivated to walk. Walking is good for you. Besides while you are walking you be witnessing to others as you pass them, or even hand them a tract. (See my post on Using Gospel Tracts As A Witnessing Tool.) Maybe you can use this to track distances you use when witnessing. We are called to make disciples of all Nations, Matthew 28:19.

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Fitbit One

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My name is Steve Patterson and I am saved through the blood of Jesus Christ. I have been blogging at Courageous Christian Father since 2012, however, I have been blogging since around 2004. I listen to nothing but Christian Music. I work as a graphic designer.

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  1. I am glad fitbit sent me a new Ultra. Over night the front casing fell off. But it still shows status and stuff, but front cover now won’t stay on. What nearly 2 months later it lasted total.

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