The Libby app is a popular reading app that allows users to borrow and read eBooks and audiobooks from their local public library

The Libby app is a popular reading app that allows users to borrow and read eBooks and audiobooks from their local public library. With Libby, users can access a vast collection of digital books and audiobooks for free, using only their library card. #LibbyApp

The Libby app is a popular reading app that allows users to borrow and read eBooks and audiobooks from their local public library

My wife and I use this app to read books and listen to audiobooks, for a matter of fact, she and I together listened to audiobooks during our commutes. So it makes a great way to check out e-books and audiobooks for free!

The app was developed by OverDrive, a digital content provider for libraries and schools. OverDrive has been providing eBooks and audiobooks to libraries for over a decade, but the Libby app was specifically designed to make borrowing and reading digital books easier and more accessible for everyone.

The Libby app requires a valid library card to access its collection of digital books and audiobooks. Users must have an active library card from a participating library in order to use the app. However, many public libraries offer online registration for library cards, so it’s easy to sign up for a library card and start using the Libby app.

One of the key features of the Libby app is its user-friendly interface. The app is easy to navigate, and users can quickly find and borrow books with just a few clicks. Users can also customize their reading experience by adjusting font size, background color, and other settings.

Another great feature of the Libby app is its seamless integration with library systems. Users can easily search their local library’s collection, place holds on books, and receive notifications when their books are available to borrow. The app also supports multiple library cards, so users can access books from more than one library system.

Libby also has a unique feature called “Skip the Line,” which allows users to borrow popular books immediately, without having to wait for them to become available. This feature is available for a limited time and allows users to read new releases or bestsellers without having to wait for months on a hold list.

The app also supports audiobooks, which is a great option for people who prefer to listen to books while they’re on the go. Users can easily switch between reading and listening to a book, and the app will even save their place so they can pick up where they left off. I like this feature as I’d rather listen to the book than read it.

One thing that many people may not know about the Libby app is that it offers a feature called “Libby Academy.” This feature provides users with helpful tips and tutorials on how to use the app effectively and get the most out of their reading experience.

Libby Academy includes short videos and step-by-step guides on topics such as how to borrow and return books, how to customize your reading experience, and how to access audiobooks. It’s a great resource for users who are new to the app or who want to learn more about its features.

Additionally, Libby also offers a feature called “Library Explorer” which allows users to browse and discover new books from different libraries all around the world. Users can browse collections from libraries in other states or even in other countries, and borrow digital books without having to physically visit those libraries. This feature can help users discover new authors and titles that they may not have otherwise found in their local library’s collection.

Overall, the Libby app is an excellent resource for anyone who loves to read. It’s free, easy to use, and provides access to a vast collection of digital books and audiobooks. Whether you’re a voracious reader/listener or just looking to read/listen to a few books a year, Libby is definitely worth checking out.

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