Why I Still Need Jesus 

Why I still need Jesus. The main reason is because I can’t do it on my own. He is the one that is there for us and never leaves us or forsakes us.

Why I Still Need Jesus

We will always need Jesus because our Great Shepherd. We must totally depend and trust in Him. We cannot do it, but He can! Because of that is is why I will always need Jesus. Christ knows what we want before we even ask. He knows what is best for us. As a sinful person, we do not know what we need. Our sinful nature keeps us from the things of God.

Why I Still Need Jesus

I cannot imagine living this life without Jesus. It is comforting to know that He will never leave me or forsake me. He always providers and protects. He is all we need! He is the one that gives life! Eternal Life that is! He also brings comfort. Jesus also gives us wisdom if we only ask. He knows our heart and what we need.

Man will fail us! They will also leave us and forsake us. Man cannot provide for all of their means without Christ. Nor can we give our self eternal life. We are totally depraved.

Why do you still need Jesus?

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  1. I still need Jesus because I still need to face the day(s) He has set for me to live. Like you, brother, I can’t fathom a life without my Savior. A life without Jesus is like cornflakes without milk, a PJ sandwich without the bread, a squirrel without nuts, a beach without sand, a… you get the picture! 😉

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