Kindness Rocks Painting Tips

Kindness Rocks Painting Tips. This is a user imputed list of tips how to paint Kindness Rocks.

Kindness Rocks Painting Tips

Do not poach or steal rocks! Buy your rocks! Taking rocks for lakes and parks is illegal and considered poaching. Old rule of thumb in parks, take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but feet prints.

Kindness Rocks Painting Tips

There are some submitted painting tips for Kindness Rocks. If you have any, feel free to share and I will add to this list.

  • Spraying clear glaze tips. Joy Houp Chester County
  • Priming the rocks with white or black (myself)
  • Use a light gray or light colored fine tip marker to do your outline and then paint. (Myself)
  • Allow paint or markers etc to dry before applying clear coat
  • Get a 5 gallon pickle bucket at Firehouse Dubs for $2. Money goes to local fire fighting funds (myself)
  • Surplus Sales get bigger landscaping rocks by filling a 5 gallon bucket for $5 (myself)
  • Paint positive sayings on rocks Tiffany-John Gimmell of Bristol Rocks (Virginia)
  • For fine details, add water to acrylic paint to make it smoother and use a fine tip paint brush. Lisa Cornwell Greeneville
  • I use a quality paper plate and use the lip to test the constancy. I will also make it very watery for things like fog or sunset. 😊 Lisa Cornwell Greeneville
  • Styrofoam is waterproof but that paper with the waterproofing actually reacts much the way a rock would, soaking in the paint a bit. I didn’t like the Styrofoam because of that… I also have plastic pallets I don’t use. 😊 But these are only tips, everyone works differently. Lisa Cornwell Greenville
  • 50¢ craft acrylic paints from Wal-Mart work fine. Lisa Cornwell Greeneville
  • We used everyday acrylic but sealed them with polycrylic. They held up for a few months, but some of the colors faded. Steven Cregger Bristol Rocks (Virginia)
  • Some rocks are very porous and absorb the paint on the base coat. I often wet the rock and then spread on the base coat. Or mix water with the paint to base coat. Darlene McCliesh Greeneville
  • We use paint markers, acrylic paints, and a sealer if we leave it in a spot it could get rained on. Tiffany-John Gimmell of Bristol Rocks (Virginia)
  • Cheep paint bushes and sponges do the trick. Tiffany-John Gimmell of Bristol Rocks (Virginia)
  • A bag of rocks from lows is like 12 dollars for 100 rocks!! Tiffany-John Gimmell of Bristol Rocks (Virginia)
  • Anything you want to paint, after all it’s all about fun and believe it or not its relaxing to paint
  • We started out with riddles where we hid rocks (thought it was fun and a little different). Marika Pyle Hamblen & Jefferson County


  • Paints
  • Primer
  • Permanent Markers
  • Sealants
  • Modpage or Glue
  • Rocks

Other Tips or Supplies?

Feel free to contact me or share in the comments any other tips you have on painting Kindness Rocks.

I will be glad to add to this list.

Kindness Rocks


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