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One way that can help you with your purity covenant is to stay in the Word of God. Read your Bible. Study your Bible! Go to Church. Fellowship with other believers. Make friends with the same moral values as you. Pray! Don’t compromise! As Bob Neal, pastor of Piedmont Baptist Church has said and I believe Pastor Johnny Hunt of First Baptist Church of Woodstock, GA …

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If you set your morals and boundaries ahead of time you shouldn’t ver from it. You will know what to do when the heat comes. You will be ready. Surrounding yourself with other believers with same morals will help you stay strong and know that those boundaries will not be crossed.

Remember God always gives us a way out of every situation. He won’t put more than we can handle on us. That is why it is important to stay in the Word to know what to do when situations arise. So make sure you keep the Armor of God on you.

Another thing you can do is watch the type of music you listen to and the movies you watch. Set standards on those too.

Nick Hall on Reset who preached at WinterJam 2013 said it best. He was talking about repenting and giving up stuff and songs can influence us. This is what he said. This can go for your gentlemen too.

“Ladies You Don’t Want Any of That”

Why abstain?

  1. One reason is God told us to wait until we married. That sex outside of the one we are married to is a sin including sex before marriage.
  2. It will help prevent unplanned per-marital pregnancies.
  3. Can help eliminate you contracting a sexual transmitted disease (STD).
  4. Shows true love for your future spouse.
  5. Shows dedication to your future spouse.
  6. Shows determination to your future spouse.
  7. Shows desire for your future spouse.
  8. Each time you have sex with someone, you become one with that person.
  9. The greatest gift you can give your future spouse is your purity.
  10. The list can go on and on

Becoming one

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True Love Wait but Lusts Don’t

Think of it this way. The Bible says we become one with the person that we have sexual relationship with. It even says in 1 Corinthians 6:16 if you lay down with a prostitute you become one with her. Just like when you get married you become one with your spouse. But just think if they come one with you, they also become one with the other people they have been with. That means you have just came one with everyone they have been with as well and who has been with that person and so on. Wouldn’t you want it to be that you two are the only ones to become one?

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Author: Steve Patterson

A Christian Blogger that enjoys blogging about the Bible, Theology, God, Jesus Christ, Christian Music, Family, Cats, Odd Holidays, sewing and much more. I have been blogging since 2004, however, I have been blogging on Courageous Christian Father since 2012. I enjoy listening to Christian Music. I am married with 1 daughter, 2 step-sons and a step daughter.

17 thoughts on “True Love Waits

  1. true love will do what is right for the one you love. Hopefully yourself included in that love

  2. Sad today people want to test drive before marriage as they call it. Don’t they understand that it’s a precious gift meant for your future spouse. More test driving more you can contact something or unwanted pregnancies and like you said you also become one with all other prior people. True love will make sex special when it’s based on a God centered relationship.

  3. I was 13 and knew nothing about sex. I’d not ever really kissed a boy with any sense of longing. But there I was in the Southern Baptist Church in which I grew up working through a program based on a handful of Bible verses extracted from context led by group leaders. And knowing nothing about what reality had in store, I signed a little card and got a little ring in front of my church.

    I’m a Christian. And don’t get me wrong; I think that waiting is good. But the whole “True Love Waits” concept needs to come with a nice dose of reality (not to mention science). You’re in 7th grade and forced to say that you’ll wait. But what if you’ve never been horny? You’ve never known what it feels like. And you weren’t ever taught that while waiting is ideal, how can you deal with things if something happens? And one day, a kid is alone with his/her boyfriend or girlfriend and groping on the couch goes farther. Clothes come off. And because you thought you were going to wait, you’re not prepared. You think one time won’t hurt.

    How many folks in the same Southern Baptist youth group had sex (and then many, a lot of guilt) in just this scenario? Of those I knew, it wasn’t a small number. And because kids weren’t prepared for reality, kids had babies (because abortion wasn’t an option and nobody went went adoption). Teenage lives were complicated far too early (affecting far too many family members adversely who then had to care for a kid that could have been prevented with a dose of science and a condom). Quick marriages between teens (who would have never gotten near engagement otherwise) happened. And then there was divorce later for some.

    I’m blessed and lucky. I waited because I wanted to know what I was getting into. I had sex of my own volition and choosing at 26. Was I married? No. I’m 33 now. Am I married? No. And I don’t think it’s something I want. Am I a whore? No? I don’t have wild, indiscriminate sex? I’ve gone years without it. And I have also had it for long periods of time consistently with a single partner (with birth control and disease testing/prevention). I’m healthy and happy. But I was lucky. I saw through the (short sighted) offerings of True Love Waits. I waited for me…and even if I hadn’t, I was always prepared (years before I had sex, even).

    Why kids aren’t taught a possible Biblical ideal, but then also how to be responsible is criminal to me…and a failure of Christians. I’ve seen many lives wrecked by the narrow view of True Love Waits and dreams cut short. I’m lucky (and still a Christian…just one that believes in a healthy dose of reality and responsibility as well).

  4. Wonderful post. I read a fiction novel where the teens were participating in a similar program that had a major impact on their lives. When we do things God’s way that is always the results. It’s funny, though, how the world doesn’t think twice about premarital sex. It’s just something you do like brushing your teeth. How sad that we have diminished something God gave as a gift has been diminished to “no big deal.”

  5. @grown up No one is forced to commit, you make the commit on your own to abstain based on the Biblical standards from God. True Love teaches these standards. People look at Christianity as too many to do’s or don’t. It is about wanting to follow the one who saved us. Jesus.

  6. @Concerned It is said that people today don’t see it as a precious gift from God. It will be very special when it is in the means of a Biblical Christ-Centered marriage and stays inside that marriage.

  7. After watching this documentary, April 17, 2015, it was the Youth Evangelistic Conference of 1993 that I attended where I learned about this and won the t-shirt, because the documentary we watched told us that they presented it to that conference. I remember as a youth in church we would go to that every year.

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