The Last Accurate Weather Forecast

The Last Accurate Weather Forecast. Today we reply on man and technology to tell us a guess of what the weather will be like. However, when was The Last Accurate Weather Forecast? Could it also be the very first accurate weather forecast?

Last Accurate Weather Forecast

The Last Accurate Weather Forecast

When was the last accurate weather forecast. I mean 100% spot on to the t? Our weathermen make guesses based on projected paths of storms using technology. They are not always 100% accurate. They might get very close. But, I would have to say that last accurate forecast was when God told Noah to build the ark.  God spoke to Noah and told him about an upcoming flood. They have never saw rain then. Not only was the the last accurate weather forecast, this was the first accurate weather foretasted.

Working Faith

Noah had working faith. (Hebrews 11:7) He believed God! Noah went to work on building the ark, people made fun of him for it. Remind you, they never heard of rain before the flood. Not only did God tell Noah it would start to rain in 120 years, God also told Noah that it would rain for a total of 40 days and 40 nights when the rain starts.

God Told Noah

God told Noah that flood waters would cover the tallest mountain in the world! Today that would not be Mount Everest like everyone would believe. That would be known as Chimborazo, a stratovolcano in Ecuador, part of the Andes mountain range. None, the less, no matter which one we believe is the tallest, the flood water levels went over those peaks. The flood waters destroyed the whole earth, except those inside the ark.

Ark = Jesus

The Ark only had one door. That is a symbol of Jesus is the only way. Not to mention, the ark was a symbol of Jesus Christ. Anyone who was in the ark is safe. Just like today, those in Christ are safe. So I would have to say that when God told Noah that it would rain in 120 years and the rain would last for 40 days and 40 nights flooding the whole earth, that was both the first accurate weather forecast and the last accurate weather forecast. You can read the whole account including the creation account in the Book of Genesis.

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