The Dixie Cafe (Corbin, KY)

The Dixie Cafe (Corbin, KY). This is a little mom and pop diner in downtown Corbin, KY. It is a locally owned by a Christian family!

The Dixie Cafe (Corbin, KY)

Heather from SimplySpokn took me to this local restaurant on August 12, 2017. I ordered french toast, sausage and bacon. I enjoyed it very much. This is a place that I would come back again and again to. I highly recommend this place to eat at. Located at 208 S Main St Corbin, Kentucky 40701. The Dixie Cafe is Owned and operated by Ed & Carolyn Garr since October 8, 2012.

A very casual place with a lot of tradition in Corbin … Join them as you go back to the good old days of casual dining with great food. (Taken from their Facebook Page and edited to fit this blog post).

The Dixie Cafe in Downtown Corbin, KY (Outside Building) #DixieCafe #Corbin
The Dixie Cafe in Downtown Corbin, KY (Outside Building)


Notice the side of the building has the Corbin Redhounds for the Corbin High School.

My Food

I enjoyed my food. It was a bit warm in the restaurant, but the food was good. I did eat breakfast. Heather told me they have good hamburgers here. She recommends the 57 Burger. A special creation Garr came up with. Not to mention they have great prices too!  I do plan to try to go back again to this place when I am back up in Corbin, KY sometime in the near future.

The Dixie Cafe in Downtown Corbin, KY (Inside Building) #DixieCafe #Corbin
The Dixie Cafe in Downtown Corbin, KY (Inside Building)

Original Dixie

The original Dixie Cafe opened in 1929 and closed it’s doors in 2005. For 5 years, the establishment operated as an Italian Restaurant. After that the Garr family purchased it and tried to restore it to its former glory. The original Dixie Cafe had National fame for their chili dogs. However, the Garr has made a focus toward hamburgers. Featured in the Kentucky Tourism for being in the best top 10 for pancakes in the Commonwealth of Kentucky in March 2017.

The Original Dixie Restaurant was even featured in a song, Corbin Kentucky … Sweetest Spot In The South, written by Debra Forbes Young, who was born & raised in Corbin. Young Graduated in 1976. She used and hired an unknown demo singer to sing the song. It is hard to find a recording of the song too. If anyone knows who it was, please feel free to share. Yes, I know this song is not a Christian song.


According to Trip Advisor, they have really good reviews, where they have a 4.5 out of 5 on the reviews. Not to mention, the Facebook Page currently shows a 4.6 out of 5 for reviews there. Those are some really good reviews.

Contact & More Info

This place was very quiet too. Opened for a limited hours during the day, 7:00 a.m until 2:00 p.m. Closed on Sundays and refuse to sell alcohol.

Feel free to call them at (606) 523-6270

Check them out on their Facebook Page: TheDixieCafeOfCorbin

You can check their Facebook Page for specials of the day too! Usually that special is $5.99

The Dixie Cafe In Corbin, KY Closes

Update: February 12, 2018. The Dixie Cafe was ordered by a court to shut down due to back pay in restaurant taxes. Ed and Carolyn Garr stated they are closing  its doors permanently. The Garr’s fell behind due to paying hospital bills when their son,  Samuel, had a diabetic emergency in December 2013,  was in a coma and hospitalized. So let’s keep the Garr family in prayers.

I know many locals loved and enjoyed eating there.



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  1. i am from indy, i work at the corbin p.o. sept 83 til sept 84 , spent most of my time working nights 10-7a.m. many times i would eat breakfast there after work…..bac n 1983 corbin an Indianapolis was night an day…i really loved corbin…to this day i wonder if i make a mistake transferring bac to indy…o well ..i retired with 39 years federal service. 2011……i drop in on my way to Florida 1996…

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