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Take Your Pants For A Walk Day

Take Your Pants For A Walk Day – A day to go and take your pants for a walk. Why not go outside and walk with your pants. #TakeYourPantsForAWalkDay

Take Your Pants For A Walk Day

You can’t make up holidays like this. Wait yes you can! Held annually on July 27. If you think about it, when you wear your pants they do go where you go.

Researching this day I did come across a lot of comics where a pair of pants were on a leash as someone was walking them like you walk a dog. (like this comic below)

Take Your Pants For A Walk Day (Pants on a leash comic)

I also some photos of people dragging their pants using a string tied to the pants.

The source is unknown when it started or how. But the point is to get out and walk! Walking is good for you!

Enjoy this day and take your pants for a walk, just don’t them them get away from you!

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