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Nostalgia “Saints Arise” music video on R.R. TV

Nostalgia “Saints Arise” music video on R.R. TV

Nostalgia “Saints Arise” music video on R.R. TV

I tuned into Righteous Rock Radio (3R-Radio) for a short little bit and got to hear Nostalgia playing. I was enjoying it. Righteous Rock Radio was playing their song, “Saints Arise”. I really liked this song and want to share it with you all. I found a video of Nostalgia performing a live concert for Righteous Rock T.V. Check out that blog post here: Righteous Rock T.V.

Make sure you follow this blog so you can stay up-to-date on that and other Christian Music and other stuff that is posted. I will also be sharing more of Righteous Rock T.V. videos as well. With Righteous Rock T.V. the ROCK that’s RIGHT and the METAL that’s MIGHTY. Rock on my fellow brothers in Christ. This song is the theme song actually for Righteous Rock T.V. Brian one of the band members is a great man of God.

I first published this November 22, 2014. I am republishing this on March 13, 2015 because I want everyone to hear this great and powerful song. Take some time and listen to it!

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