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While I was at the 2014 Unity festival I got to meet area ministries. One of these ministries was Righteous Rock Radio, as they call it 3R Radio. I got to talk with Dave Price. He shared with me some information about this ministry. One thing this ministry does is plays rock music and try to incorporate the gospel with it. They try to help reach other people that churches may not be able to reach.

3R Radio Logo
3R Radio Logo

Righteous Rock Radio is an online streaming Christian Music 24 hours a day. They play the older Christian Rock, from the beginning all the way to the present. You can also hear Praise & Worship along with Gospel.  They even have an events page where you can go listen with them, they often help sponsor concerts too. They also play Indie and even local Christian bands too.

An insert from their web page:

We believe in God. We believe that Jesus came as God’s son, became a human, lived a perfect life in order to fulfill God’s law, then died a guilty man’s death for the redemption of our sin, and on the third day he rose again from the grave so that when we die we may rise again as well and go to live with our maker for all eternity. 

I have even been offered to be a guest on their show. I’m looking forward to that. The last time I was on TV or radio was from when I used to collect business cards. When, I do become a guest, I will have to let everyone know so they can go listen. I think that will be exciting. Plus, I may just blog about that experience as well. So make sure you follow my blog so you don’t miss that blog post or any other blog posts.

Check them out at and tell them that you heard about them through Courageous Christian Father at 3R-Radio.com

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