Martin Farm Beef

Martin Farms offers fresh pork and beef, raised right here in the Piedmont area of Jefferson County (New Market/Dandridge area). This meat doesn’t have the additives, dyes, hormones, etc that the grocery store does. The prices seem about reasonable compared to the stores. Martin Farms is USDA Inspected and they are a Licensed Wholesaler and Retailer. “Taste the Farm Fresh Difference”

Martin Farms Business Card
Martin Farms Business Card

Listening to Adam and cousin, Tony Martin, talk I’ve heard and learned a lot. I found out they put red dye in your ground beef in it so it doesn’t turn colors from the fluorescent light in the grocery stores. I had already knew they added hormones in the meat that you buy in a grocery store plus I’m sure preservatives. Not so with the meet at Martin Farms is all natural. The livestock is raised in the Piedmont area that’s right in the Dandridge TN. So this meat is local too! Even a lot of the members at our church use Martin Farms for their meat.

Martin Farm Beef

I ordered a sampler pack. I got the $100 sampler pack. The first thing I cooked from it was the ground beef. I noticed that when I opened the vacuumed sealed ground beef that the meat didn’t have an order like that of a grocery store. Nor was it dark or blacking occurring in the middle like the grocery store.

I made ground beef rotini alfredo without any seasoning to the ground beef. After cooking, I tried some after it was cooked and WOW! It was yummy. I enjoyed it very much. So I continued and made my alfredo dish. My daughter and her friend that was over both enjoyed it too. My daughter could tell a difference in the taste as well. I personally believe you can actually taste the meat. I guess that is why they say, “Taste the Farm Fresh Difference.”

Owners Adam & Heather Martin, both belong to my church. Adam is the adult Sunday School Teacher. This is where I first heard about them. I do know that I hear my pastor and other church members say how great the meat is and is always ordering from them. So I had to give it a try. I believe if I can help it, I will try to order all my beef and pork from them, if I can. I do know it may be harder to do as a single father with custody of my daughter, but I also know that God will provide.

Piedmont Beef Sampler
Piedmont Beef Sampler

Fresh Meat!

Adam Martin is also a teacher at the high school. He teaches Large Animal Science and other Agricultural type classes too. Him and his family, he has 2 boys and 1 girl, all work on the farm. I believe his cousin, Tony Martin, also helps too.

I also have some cubed steak, stew meat and even a shoulder arm roast, all that was in the sampler pack. You get your moneys worth in that samplers pack too! If I had a deep freezer, I think I would buy a whole or half cow and pig. That meat would sure last forever and is your best value.

Also in the sampler pack I got was Ribeyes. I marinated these in a mix of seasoning, water and distilled vinegar for a day. Then when I put them on the electric grill I had set aside some of the seasoning to add on top as a dry rub to add on top. The Ribeyes came out really good. They were moist and very tasty, with the way I marinated and added a dry rub, I didn’t need steak seasoning on the steak. This Ribeye was thick cut as well.

You can buy the meat by the pound or by the bulk. They even have sampler packs you can purchase too. Martin Farms is located in New Market, near the Dandridge line. They live in the Piedmont Community.

Some of the types of meat you can get …

  • Sausage
  • Pork Chops
  • Ribs
  • Boston Butts
  • Picnic Shoulders
  • Pork Loins
  • Bulk Sales
  • Whole Hog
  • Half Hog
  • Whole Calf
  • Half Calf
  • Quarter Calf
  • Ground Beef
  • Hamburger Patties
  • Steaks
  • Roast
  • Stew Beef
  • Brisket
  • & More

Fresh Meat!

Plus the meat is fresh, no old cows either. All the beef is Angus, cows approx. 2 years old. There is also no pink slime, additives or preservatives.

I plan to order more meat from Martin Farm’s including the Pork they sell too. They have some mild sausage and hot sausage. You can buy a whole or half cow or even a whole or half hog too. If you live in or near the Jefferson County, TN area, I encourage you and highly recommend you buy from Martin Farms. Martin Farms is also part of the Pick Tennessee.

For more information or to order your Fresh Piedmont USDA beef or pork visit: or give them a call at 865-484-1865 or 865-368-7432. Tell the Martin’s that you heard about them from Courageous Christian Father.

I did not get any trades for this write up. I purchased the meat myself and felt led to do a review of the Martins Farms, since they are a Christian based family business and they also go to my church. If you follow my blog, I plan to write about other local area Christian businesses or ministries as well as what God lays on my heart to share with my readers including reviews of places to take your family.

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