Jason Witten I am Second Video

Jason Witten I am Second Video

Jason Witten I am Second Video

This is the I am Second testimony of Jason Witten.

Witten was born May 6, 1982 and is from Elizabethton, TN.1

Witten played for the Tennessee Vols football from 2000-2002. 2

He then played for Dallas Cowboys in American Football.1

Facing tough times and obstacles while growing up in a single-parent home enabled Jason Witten to learn to win and not be defeated. For the Cowboys’ tight end, this is as true in life as it is on the field. Even though “I try to use the right judgment and make the right decisions,” trials still come. And he emerges stronger.  It’s that inner strength that causes him to continue moving with precision and purpose through life.3

I am a Vols fan, so I thought it was rather cool to hear an I am Second testimony.


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