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The Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center hosted my daughter and I with a Pick 3 VIP package on July 26, 2014. The pick three includes their other two attractions: Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors and Castle of Chaos. (I have wrote about each of them separately)

I knew they gave me the pick three, but I didn’t know I had a VIP pass. They told me since I had a VIP ticket, that I get to go see the big ape outside at the top of the building on the balcony. The Great Ape of Pigeon forge stands 102 feet above Parkway Blvd. It weights 34,000 pounds. Plus on this balcony, you can see great views. I even saw the Wonder Work hot air balloon, Clingmans Dome, plus beautiful views of the mountains and the surrounding area.

Steve Poses with Big Ape @ Hollywood Wax Museum

Steve Poses with Big Ape @ Hollywood Wax Museum

Steve Poses with Lucille Ball @ Hollywood Wax Museum

Steve Poses with Lucille Ball @ Hollywood Wax Museum

The Hollywood Museum is full of Hollywood movie stars, well their waxed counterpart look likes. They almost look realistic. You can even get up and close and pose, taking pictures with the movie starts. You can come a star and/or the paparazzi. Like Lucille Ball, from I Love Lucy. Growing up, I always knew she and I shared the same birthday, August 6.

Each person in the museum has rid-bit of information about them. Facts about pet peeves and accomplishments. Like one on the press release given to me says, “As a child, Salma Hayek had a pet tiger named Rambo that slept in her bedroom.” Hollywood Wax Museum is open 365 days a year and open until late at night. This was my first wax museum that I have ever been to. I am soon to be 38 years old.

Throughout my journey in the wax museum, we went through space, western, and even times of horror. I even got to talk to a family that was visiting the museum from south Chattanooga, TN in Georgia. My daughter enjoyed it very much, she was having me take pictures of her with various waxed figures. She usually doesn’t like me taking her pictures. I believe seeing the expression of her face seeing these stars was priceless. I am sure some of these actors and actresses she has never heard of.

Despite Edward and Bella being from Vampires and evil demonic spirits, I think my daughter liked that scene, she just wished it was Jacob there. She was Team Jacob.

Steve Poses with Pirates @ Hollywood Wax Museum -

Steve Poses with Pirates @ Hollywood Wax Museum –

I think my favorite one was getting my picture with Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) from Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as, Will Turner, Jr. (Orlando Bloom). After watching those movies, I liked look of the pirate. I have dressed up for Trunk or Treats and International Talk Like A Pirate Day as a pirate. I even have my costume saying that this Pirate is a Believe of Jesus Christ. With that said, this year, I have been doing a blog series called, “Bible Stories of the Sea.”

I am not sure of what Bible stories to share with going to the Hollywood Wax Museum, but maybe you can share about witnessing to others. But, over all, I think the Hollywood Wax Museum was an awesome experience. It brought back memories of being younger and seeing a lot of these stars on T.V. or even on the big screen movies.

The museum had a nice flow as you traveled around to see the stars. It pretty much just loops around and takes you through the 3 levels of waxed star figures.

Going here, you can get your picture taken with your favorite star without them giving you any lip or running away from you. I recommend you take a stroll along Hollywood and see what stars you may come across. The Hollywood Wax museum is said to be the longest-running wax museum in the United States.

Also as you enter, like most attractions, they take your family pictures. This place takes two, the first one is a happy look. The second one is a scary looks, as you have the the Great Ape behind you.

Have you been to the Hollywood Wax Museum? If so please share with me about your experience.

If you go tell them you heard you heard about them from Courageous Christian Father!

For more information visit:

With 4 locations: Pigeon Forge, TN; Hollywood, CA; Branson, MO; Myrtle Beach, CA.

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