Ripley’s Moving Theater 5D

Ripley’s Moving Theater 5D, a motion movie theater, located in Gatlinburg, TN hosted my daughter and I to this attraction. We got in our seat and buckled up with our 3D glasses on. This has been my second 5D motion movie.

Steve gives Ripley's Moving Theater 5D a Thumbs Up!
Steve gives Ripley’s Moving Theater 5D a Thumbs Up!

While we waited for our turn to go inside to ride this attraction, I got to talk to a couple of families. One family was from Memphis, TN and the other family was from Georgetown, KY. The Georgetown, KY family even sat next to us on the front row of this ride. In this movie you get to go onto 2 movies. The first we are snowmen on inner tubes going down the snowy mountain. You can feel every jump, along with real snow falling in the studio. You feel gushes of wind and even snow hit you, with burst of air and water. These seats move left, they move right, they tilt forward and they tilt backwards. So sit back as you enjoy a snowy adventure but watch out for the abominable snow monster. (Called Winter Wipeout)

The second part of the movie, we are rats in a car race. Hold on tight as we speed around the house. It is full of turns, ramps, drops and even other creatures that like to eat mice. Beware, of the human as well. This ride you feel every jump, drop and turn. Hold on and sit back and put your petal to the metal and see if you can win the race. (Called Rats Race Extreme)

This 5D motion movie is not interactive like the other 5D I went on (like it has a game twist to it). But, I did enjoy this one very much. My daughter said to watch out for the spider! This movie makes you feel like you were actually in it!

You really cannot share a Bible story too well while on a ride, but you can share before or after how Paul says we are to finish the race set before us. Hebrews 12:1-11 & the prize winning the race in 1 Corinthians 9:23-25.

Have you ever been on a 5D motion movie? If so I want to hear from you.

Also if you are expecting a baby or have certain medical conditions, Ripley’s advices that you not ride. I do not they have non-motion seats at the front. 

If you go tell them you heard you heard about them from Courageous Christian Father! For more information visit: (There are 8 Ripley’s Moving Theaters including the location my daughter & I visited in Gatlinburg, TN)

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