Ripley’s Amazing Mirror Maze

Ripley’s Marvelous Mirror Maze hosted my daughter and I to this attraction. We got to get our gloves on and go in the maze. It was just hear and I in the maze. This maze didn’t seem long for both my daughter and I to get and out of. I enjoyed one room, where they had changing colored lights. The other mirror maze in Michigan that I went to a very long time ago, had changing LED lights throughout the whole mirror maze. I like the mirror mazes with lights.

Steve inside Ripley's Amazing Mirror Maze
Steve inside Ripley’s Amazing Mirror Maze

When you are done in the mirror maze, time to load up on sugar, as the store outside of the maze has a lot of bulk candy that is purchased by the pound at Ripley’s Candy Factory. I didn’t buy any candy, but it reminded me of a kid and the candy story in the East Towne Mall, know known as The Knoxville Center Mall.

Despite not being in this maze that long, I did like this maze. I think the LED lights is what I liked the best. Also Ripley’s says they send search parties to look for you in case you get lost, so don’t worry. They say search parties occur every 30 minutes. I wonder if the staff gets lost too? There is only one way out of this maze, can you find it?

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Ripley’s has 8 Amazing Mirror Mazes, including the one that my daughter & I visited in Gatlinburg, TN.

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