Hello, I am Joel The Brave


Meow. Hello. I am Joel The Brave (no leave the Brave part off).

My story is different than my friend Lilybug’s. I was born into a small litter. My meow mom’s hoomans were nice, but seemed to be bothered by me.

On Friday, it was the 23rd day of June. I know- I had just turned 10 weeks old.

The male hooman of my meow mom’s put me in a box with a gated door. I was scared. Where I was I going? Why was I leaving my meow mom?

Some bit of time later (not so sure how long. I fells asleep, okay?).. two soft hands reached into the box and scooped me up. She was a different female hooman than I had been around. And I liked her. That was the day I decided to adopt Ms. Heather.

Ms Heather and I live alone in our apartment in Corbin, KY. She leaves me in charge for a while during the day. She tells it it is to go to some place called work. It must be a confusing place, because some days Ms Heather comes home smiling and other days she comes home very upset. I no like seeing her upset. She is my hooman.

What is a hooman? Oh, I guess I should explains that. A hooman are the people who feed animals and gives them homes.

Ms Heather is my hooman. I guard over her while she sleeps, sleeping at the top of her bed. Although- sometimes I get distracted.

By the firetrucks. Yes, I most like those. I can meows just like it. Ms Heather tells me I am no firetruck, but I can dream, no? After all, I am still little.

That is just a bit about me. Best go. Hooman will be wanting her tablet back.

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Author: Joel the Brave

Prr. I am a boy black cat that lives in Tennessee with my hoomans, Ms. Heather and Mr. Steve. I have a sissy cat, Lillybug. I hope to be a firefighter when I grow big. I am part of 2 Cats and a Blog that now blogs on Courageous Christian Father.

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