How I’ve Blogged Daily For Nearly 3 Years

How I’ve Blogged Daily For Nearly 3 Years. It has been nearly three years now and I have made sure to have one blog post published every day for those three years. It has been hard and it can be done! Even working a full time job. You just have to make time for blogging! Below are some other tips to help you blog daily too.

How I’ve Blogged Daily For Nearly 3 Years

I share some of my experiences and tips on how I was able to blog daily for nearly 3 years. Plus, I hope this can help encourage you. I use to only blog here and there. But these last three years I set to make sure one blog post was published or republished daily. 2002 was when I got started blogging. It wasn’t until 2012, when I started doing ministry blogging (Blogging for God).

How I've Blogged Daily for Nearly 3 Years

Make Time for Blogging

One thing is what’s important to you you’ll make time for. We will make time for that we enjoy doing. Since my blogs a ministry blog I making time for Jesus by doing this blog. Most of my blogging is research too in discovering more about the Bible, Theology, God and Jesus. Then, I use that and share it here. That brings me to free time. You can even use your free time to do some work on blog post. Even if it is a little here and there.

Re-Purposing Blog Post

But one thing that’s helped his resurfacing some old blog post. Some post can be republished each year. Some of those are holiday blog post. Just update it to the current date and republished. You can also make printables from your blog post too. Printables are very popular. You could even make an mp3 (audio file) or even a video of the content and post that video in the blog post and republish that too.

Scheduling Future Blog Post

One thing you can do when you have free time and come up with blog post. Don’t published all of them at once! Maybe schedule some out for a future day. I would do that. At times I can have two to three done up and schedule one per day for the next few days. that way I am still having one blog post published per day.

Republishing Old Blog Post

Another thing you can do, if your time is limited is republish an older blog post. Maybe take an older blog post you might want to refresh and republish it. You might want to also check your blog stats and see if an older blog post is trending or seem to have a higher number of visits. You can use that and republish that blog post to bring it to the front. Plus, it lets newer subscribers who may not have seen that post see it.

It’s That Simple

It’s pretty simple just make the time. Like the old saying if you build it they will come. If you remember the movie Field of Dreams. But in this case if you write and blog the viewers will come. Just stay dedicated. Sometimes the readers don’t come right away, but sooner or later they will come. Just be faithful to blogging.

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    1. It’s been longer, this blog post talks about how I have made sure to have one blog post published each day for nearly 3 years. I have been blogging for a long time, like early 2000’s. But on since 2012.

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