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Think Green Reuse or Recycle Those Christmas Cards

Think Green (Reuse or Recycle) Those Christmas Cards that you get. Don't just toss them in the garbage. Bring new life to these Christmas Cards. (Greeting Cards)

Think Green Reuse or Recycle Those Christmas Cards – Christmas Cards or other Greeting cards, we get them all the time, But don’t throw them away, Think Green! Here are suggestions to reuse or recycle these Christmas Cards and Greeting Cards that you get.

Think Green Reuse or Recycle Those Christmas Cards

The are many ways to reuse or recycle Christmas Cards or those Greeting Cards

The Greeting Card Association says Americans purchase some 6.5 billion greeting cards every year. Of those, around 1.6 billion are Christmas cards. Exchanging cards is a great way for people to show their loved ones that they’re thinking about them, and such cards make for festive ornaments to display around homes. But when the holiday season ends, reusing or recycling those cards into other items can make good use of the paper resources and turn what’s normally a single-use item into an enduring trinket.

I use to do a newsletter instead of Christmas Cards called Patterson Post. So maybe you can do a family newsletter for Christmas.

But I do get Christmas cards from other people.

Christmas Card Day

Did you know that every December 9th is Christmas Card Day. A Day to buy, make, etc. Christmas cards for people.

Reuse or Recycle Christmas Cards or other Greeting Cards

  • Turn this year’s cards into next year’s gift tags. Cut out circles, rectangles or any shape you desire. Otherwise, visit the scrapbook aisle of your favorite craft store and purchase a paper punch to make easy work of cutting those shapes.
  • Transform a greeting card into a mini puzzle for a youngster.
  • Glue silly characters from Christmas cards onto a magnetic sheet. Then use these magnets for decorations next year.
  • Frame favorite cards so their messages can endure year after year.
  • Turn a beautiful card into a keepsake. Use a decoupage medium to attach a card to a ceramic or wood backing. Coat with a polyurethane top coat to protect it.
  • Use greeting cards to make drink charms for holiday entertaining. Guests can keep track of their glasses with ease.
  • Use cut-outs of cards to improve the appearance of plain gift wrap or bags.
  • · cut rounds of greeting cards into the inside of can lids to create crafty ornaments.
  • Make a paper Christmas tree from cutouts on greeting cards.
  • Encourage kids to make a photo collage from the cards they like. Mount their efforts on poster board and save for next year.
  • Take them to a recycling center that accepts paper. Most of those places the money raises often can go to a certain charity or the city.
  • Make a placemat with the cards, just use the fronts, maybe the insides if they have a good message. Then eliminate or contact paper it.
  • Used for a variety of crafts.
  • Donate used cards. St. Jude’s Ranch recycles greeting cards by reselling them to help fund programs.

This is not just for Christmas Cards, but they can be for the birthday cards, anniversary cards, or any other type of Greeting Cards that you may get.

Do you have other ideas of what to do with leftover greeting cards? Please feel free to share your ideas below.

Compliments of Metro Services, HL14C774 First published December 26, 2014. Last Republished & updated on December 19, 2019.

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