10+ Kindness Rocks Hiding Tips

10+ Kindness Rocks Hiding Tips. This is a user imputed list of tips to hide Kindness Rocks. This list can also work for finding kindness rocks. After all you use these tips to hide them, so they can be used for finding them too.

10+ Kindness Rocks Hiding Tips

Kindness Rocks Hiding Tips

Below are some submitted hiding tips for Kindness Rocks. I am sure these tips can help you find kindness rocks too.

  1. Place at eye level if possible.
  2. Hide anywhere you feel it will be found.
  3. Make sure you write on the backside of the rock, the name of our group, so they can post a picture of the found rock on here.
  4. Hide in other states. 😂 My road trip ones were posted here the most! Andrea Kraft Chester County
  5. I try to hide my with the tag facing up and i always paint the words above the tag… Pick me up! Lisa Gazone Chester County

  1. I put the painted image side up people walk right past it and think either someone lost it or it belongs to the store owner or wherever I leave it. So if I flip it upside down and write pick me up it grabs the person’s attention and gives them the permission to touch it. Lisa Gazone Chester County.
  2. Do not hide them in the roads.
  3. Limit hiding and finding to day light hours.
  4. Get permission of any public or business, etc. before hiding. Some places do not want them hidden on their property.
  5. Hide in well walking traveled areas.
  6. Make it a family bonding event. Take the whole family to hide rocks in places.

Check out this list of places to hide kindness rocks.

More Places?

Feel free to leave a comment on any other finding or hiding tips for Kindness Rocks.

I will be glad to add to this list!

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