Wiper Blades Up!

Wiper Blades Up! Want to help preserve those wiper blades during the winter times of snow, freezing rain and slush. When you have your car parked raise your wiper blades up and away from the window. If they are up on the window, they can stand a chance of freezing to the window, especially when freezing rain comes and causes slush and freezes that slush.

Wiper Blades Up!

Wiper Blades Up!

Having your wiper blades up can also help on snowy days too, by having them up you can remove the snow from your car front window much better. Note, you should remove as much as all the snow off your car as possible. Blowing snow can cause visible problems for drivers behind you and also some of that blowing snow could be chunks of ice and fall back and hit the car behind  you causing damage.

So make sure you have your wiper blades up, check out the picture of my car. I put my wiper blades up last night, I knew we would either get more snow or freezing rain, we got the freezing rain, it was very slushy and icy out. It helped to make getting ice off the front windshield much easier and the blades didn’t freeze to the window.

Rubbing Alcohol

Just a side note, rubbing alcohol can help deice your windows, but take warning, alcohol will eat up the rubber seals around your windows and your your wiper blades! Just take the time to scrape your windows, all of your windows so you can see when you drive.

Slow down as you drive! You don’t need to rush to where ever you are going. Yes, 4×4, 4WD (Four Wheel Drive) and FWD (Front Wheel Drive) cars do drive better in snow, but no vehicle stands a chance against ice, not even the 4×4. RWD (Rear Wheel Drives) are one of the worst types of car to drive in slick conditions.

If you don’t have to get out, don’t get out in it. If you do, allow extra time to drive. Don’t rush! Plus, Don’t go too fast! Don’t slam on your brakes either! Let up off the gas to slow down. When you are sliding, holding onto your brakes won’t help you stop, it is ice, you will slide more that way. I know it is instinct, you know to press brakes to stop, but when  you are on ice, you will be skating mashing your brakes when you slide. Let off the brake!

Four Types of Winter Drivers

I believe there are three types of drivers in winter conditions.

  1. Ones that think they can drive it, but have no clue and are paranoid. They drive as if they are scared to death.
  2. Ones that think they can drive it, and they play in it and go fast and are careless and cut other cars off, drive as if it is not icy or snowy out.
  3. Ones that actually can, they drive at a good pace, cautious of other people around them and their selves. They allow time and distance and much more.
  4. Ones that know they can’t. These won’t go anywhere.

Please if you have to drive in snowy or icy conditions, be safe!

First Published February 15, 2016. Last republished or updated November 30, 2020.

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