Cat Café

Cat Café – A Cat themed cafe where you can watch or play with cats. #CatCafe #CatCafé

Cat Café

A Cat Café is a theme café whose attraction is cats that can be watched and played with, per WikiPedia. Plus, you can enjoy your favorite cup of java (coffee).

The world’s first Cat Café, “Cat Flower Garden” (貓花園), opened its doors in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1998.

Screen Shot of Cat Cafés

However, I am not sure of any Cat Café near us. However, they are very popular in Japan. ネコ カフェ (Neko Kafe).

I know my hoomans would visit one just to see all the cats there. Maybe they can open up one in East Tennessee?

Daily Mews

Here is one in Charlotte, NC. It is called Daily Mews. The provides a safe haven for adoptable rescue cats in a cozy, café environment. That seems to be the closest one to us.

Mac Tabby

Plus, Charlotte, NC has another one called Mac Tabby.

Waffles and Whiskers

If you like Belgium style waffles, this Cat Café might be the one for you. Located in Kernersville, NC. They are called Waffles and Whiskers.

Do you have A Cat Café near you?

If you do, please tell us about it in the comments below. What the name of the cafe is. Where it is located and what they specialize in.

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