Bed of Roses Church Sign

Bed of Roses Church Sign. Check out what this church sign says about a bed of roses and the thorns in this Church Sign Saturday blog post.

Bed of Roses Church Sign

I saw this sign November of 2017 at Emmanuel Baptist Church off Buffalo Trail in Morristown, TN. Their church sign reads …

When life is not a bed of roses, remember who wore the thorns.

When life is not a bed of roses, remember who wore the thorns. (Emmanuel Baptist Church, Morristown, TN)

One thing we need to know what does that phrase mean? A bed of roses references to a situation or activity that is comfortable or easy.

Even Bon Jovi sung a song called Bed of Roses. Here is a few words of the song.

I want to lay you down on a bed of roses
For tonight I sleep on a bed on nails

One thing we do have to remember is every rose has it’s thorns. Poison points that out to us. Yes, I now I pointed out secular bands, but those two bands have songs that maybe you can relate to. I am sure most of all of us have heard at least one of those two songs. With Jovi’s song, I don’t think anyone wants to sleep on a bed of nails, which would have the opposite meaning.

Even though things seem easy, there is also a difficult part. God sent His Son, Jesus who did the difficult part. He went to the Cross for us. He wore a Crown of Thorns for us. Being a Christian isn’t always easy. We all have ups and downs. That includes the saved and unsaved. The only difference is the saved has Christ and has eternal life with God. While, the unsaved will face eternal punishment and separation for God.

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